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  1. The forumís birthday and renewals are coming up
  2. GLDG Wiki Contest - Ends on forum birthday!
  3. Happy 7th Birthday GDLG/Melting Pot!
  4. The forum's birthday and renewals are coming up!
  5. GLDG Birthday Celebration Prizes! 08
  6. The GLDG's 8th Birthday LIVE party!! 08
  7. The forum birthday is coming soon!
  8. Forum birthday prize packages and celebration info
  9. Birthday Party tomorrow (monday) night, finally!
  10. Forum 9th birthday party, this is the real thread!
  11. Happy 10th birthday to our forum!
  12. Happy 11th birthday to the forum!
  13. Happy 12th Birthday to the Melting Pot!
  14. Happy 13th birthday to TMP!!
  15. First game for our 13th year!! Win a TalkGlass.com shirt!
  16. Happy 13th, TMP!! 8 present packages you could win!
  17. Auction for the Melting Pot! Boozeclues, we heart you! (sold and shipped!)
  18. It's time to celebrate! TMP Birthday info inside! Watch for updates.
  19. Auction for the Melting Pot! Royal made a gorgeous dome! (sold & shipped)
  20. Auction for TMP! Killer pink snakeskin Firekist spoon! (sold and shipped!)
  21. Jack Skellington spoon by Jedi Glassworks. (sold and shipped!)
  22. Pendant by d3rk! Auction for the Melting Pot's 13th birthday! (Sold and shipped!)
  23. Auction for the Melting Pot! Spoon by Suzuki479! (Sold and shipped!)
  24. B.C. Creations Devil Pipe! Auction for the Melting Pot! (sold, shipped!)
  25. TMP Auction! Creature Chillum by MUPH! (Sold & shipped!)
  26. Calla Lily Focal bead by Naughty Pirate Wench! TMP benefit auction! (Sold & shipped!)
  27. Delta Mag, donated by GTT for TMPs 13th birthday! (sold and delivered)
  28. Ornametalsmith brass tools up for auction! (Sold and shipped!)
  29. Announcement Our birthday party is Sept 28th! Get your name in the hat to win over 25 prizes!
  30. Auction for TMP! Heartburn Glass black & white reticello dish! (Sold & Shipped!)
  31. Honey Badger by TAG!! Auction for TMP! (Sold & Shipped!)
  32. Dawg House Glass set of 8 tools! Auction for TMP!
  33. Gorgeous Dot-box dish by Heartburn Glass! Auction for TMP! (Sold & shipped!)
  34. Pendant by Heartburn Glass! TMP Auction!
  35. Announcement Surprise!! Pre-party game!
  36. Announcement Live 13th Birthday Party! Come on in!!
  37. Announcement Glass Haiku! Glass Jokes! Hey Slackers, make me a sammich!
  38. Announcement 13th birthday party winners!!
  39. 50 grams of awesome millies by 1UP Glass! TMP Benefit Auction! (Sold & Shipped!)
  40. Goofball Glass Pendant! TMP Auction! (Sold and shipped!)
  41. Neddowerx Skull Pendant up for auction! (Sold & shipped!)
  42. Neddowerx Creature Eye Pendant up for auction! (Sold & shipped!)
  43. Electroformed slide by Lupe! TMP auction! (Sold & shipped!)
  44. Jimmi The Don, you've been flamed!
  45. 3 pounds of Northstar Color! TMP Auction! (sold and shipped!)
  46. Gorgeous Marble by Yinzer! Auction to support TMP! (sold & shipped!)
  47. JeffsPieces handpipe! TMP Auction! (Sold & Shipped!)
  48. Steelhead Glass Tools Claw Grabbers! TMP Auction! (sold & shipped!)
  49. Gorgeous vessel by Dynamic Form Glass! TMP Support Auction! (Sold & Shipped!)
  50. Chauncey Glass Mixed Medium Jar! TMP Support Auction! (Sold & Shipped!)
  51. Goegeous Marble by Smolder Holder! TMP Benefit Auction! (Sold & Shipped!)
  52. Chauncey Glass mixed medium stash jar in a stash jar! TMP Auction! (Sold & shipped!)
  53. Whipkey Glass Decanter! TMP Auction! (Sold & Shipped!)
  54. Announcement Happy Holidays! Ti-Pen Giveaway game by Aspenglass!
  55. Gorgeous Tulip Necklace by Naughty Pirate Wench! TMP Auction! (shipped)
  56. Galaxy swirl pendant by Christine Hansen! TMP Auction! (shipped)
  57. Fundraising 2014
  58. Gentec Small Torch kit with 12' of hose and 5 tips! TMP Auction! (Sold & Shipped!)
  59. TMP auction by Kudabeck! Killer slide up for grabs! (shipped)
  60. TMP auction by Bulletproof! Cthulhu pendant!! (Sold & Shipped!)
  61. TMP auction by Kaizen! 102 grams of opal shard tubing! (Sold & Shipped!)
  62. TMP auction by P.J.! Custom inline bubbler! (shipped)
  63. Tmp Auction by Grav Labs! Natural Nano Tree Perc (shipped)
  64. TMP auction by P.J.! Custom inline bubbler! (shipped)
  65. Announcement TMP Celebrations around the corner!
  66. Announcement TMP's 14th birthday party! Live Nov 15th, 6pm PST!
  67. Auction 1/2 pound NS HalfLife! TMP donation by Jed! (shipped)
  68. Auction Gentech Small Torch Kit! TMP auction by aREa541! (shipped)
  69. Auction Tweezer Bench Jacks! TMP auction by AxisWolf! (shipped)
  70. Auction REDRUM milli set! TMP auction by Simian! (shipped)
  71. Auction Dense Pink Slyme! TMP auction by TAG! (shipped)
  72. Auction JAWS Cutters! TMP auction by Michael! (shipped)
  73. Announcement Check Out The 2014 Birthday Party Door Prizes!
  74. Auction Origin Auction for TMP! 6 pounds color! (shipped)
  75. Announcement TMP's Live 14th Birthday party!!!
  76. Announcement 2014 party winners! Thank you sponsors!!
  77. Auction Glass Hive Custom Built Kiln! TMP Auction! (Closed)
  78. Auction Firekist Swivel Set! TMP Auction!! (shipped)
  79. Announcement Glass Jokes! Enter by 4:20 pm Sunday!
  80. Auction Electric Flamingo! TMP auction by ThreeE! (shipped)
  81. Auction Owl Pendant by N.A.R.C.! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  82. Auction 4 pounds of Momka's Glass rods! TMP Auction by Momka! (shipped)
  83. Auction Oxygen Concentrator from Available Oxygen! TMP Auction! (shipped)
  84. Auction Flower Pendant by TC's Glassworks! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  85. Auction 1 Pound Boro Glow Tube! TMP Auction by Bohica! (Shipped)
  86. Auction 5 pounds of TAG! TMP auction by Kebira! (Shipped)
  87. Auction 6 pounds of TAG! TMP auction by Kebira! (Shipped)
  88. Auction ~ 5 pounds color from Kebira! TMP auction! (Shipped)
  89. Auction Double Auction! Imprint Tools by Leonardo Glass! (Shipped)
  90. Auction Eye pendant by Faded! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  91. Auction Peckerhead pendant by Faded! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  92. Auction Boro top by Faded! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  93. Auction Marble by Slow! TMP auction! (Shipped)
  94. Auction Pendant by Slow! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  95. Auction 50 grams of millie by Chris L! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  96. Auction 1 Pound mixed color from ABR! TMP auction! (Shipped)
  97. Auction Copper Cup by Dawg House Glass! TMP Auction! (Closed)
  98. Auction Sherlock by Hglasswell! TMP auction! (Closed)
  99. Auction Skullyfish Marble by Justice Glass! TMP Auction! (Closed)
  100. Auction Spoon by Og Glocc Coma! TMP auction! (Closed)
  101. Auction 24 oz beer glass made by Chad Parker and Barry Lafler! TMP Auction! (Shipped)
  102. Auction 5 pounds of NS shorts from Gypsea! TMP auction! (Closed)
  103. Auction 8 pairs of eyes from Dogmaw Glass! TMP auction! (Closed)
  104. Auction Maestro Tech Tubing! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  105. Auction 2 spoons by Iambes! TMP auction! (Closed)
  106. Auction Bruce Lee marble by Quix! TMP auction! (Closed)
  107. Auction Metal Me This patinas! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  108. Auction Sherlock by Jeffs Pieces! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  109. Auction Pendant by Mecha! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  110. Auction Flow Magazine! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  111. Auction BAP by Cajun and Marni! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  112. Auction Thai Frog opal Pendant by Alex K! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  113. Auction Groovy Tube by Dan Kooper! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  114. Auction Solid State Frit from Dammond. TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  115. Auction Orange Solid State Frit from Dammond. TMP auctions! (Closed, shipped)
  116. Auction Flower marble by Kudabeck! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  117. Auction Lenz Laborglas fittings from EU Glass Inc! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  118. Auction Frit Tray by Moon Munkey! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  119. 2015 forum supporter badges
  120. Auction Pendant by Mario! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  121. Auction Voorhees piece donated by Momak's Glass! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  122. Auction Goblet of Leaves! TMP auction by Momka's Glass. (Closed, shipped)
  123. Auction Lotus Pendant! TMP auction by Hedless! (Closed, shipped)
  124. Auction Dish by Royal! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  125. Auction Space pendant by Fizzle! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  126. Auction S Peirce beaker! TMP Auction! (Closed, shipped)
  127. Auction Marble by Freefire Glass! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  128. Auction Pendant by Freefireglass! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  129. Auction TMP Auction, creature eye by Neddowerx! (Closed, shipped)
  130. Auction TMP auction, Uranium tubes from Neddowerx! (Closed, shipped)
  131. Auction Glow Rods! TMP auction by Kebira (closed, shipped)
  132. Thanks JLF! You've been flamed!
  133. I'll donate a piece for the cause.
  134. Auction Sherlock Auction (closed)
  135. Auction Glass Hive Short Guy! TMP auction! (Closed, shipped)
  136. Auction 20mm Opal Coin from Grandpa! TMP auction! (closed, shipped)
  137. Auction His and Hers shirts from Profound Glass! (closed, shipped)
  138. Auction 30 oz gun mounts from DaveK! (Closed)
  139. Auction Two ear gauge rollers by CGBeads! (Closed)
  140. Auction Bkue Kraken Pendant by marilynsure! (Closed)
  141. Auction 2 lbs Calypso & shirt from Molten Aura Labs! (closed)
  142. Auction Eye Pendant with UV teeth by TCsglassworks! (closed)
  143. Auction 5 auctions in 1 - Quartz bangers from Papa Jim! (closed)
  144. Auction 0.8 lbs of Illuminati/star white lined tube from ABR (Closed, shipped)
  145. Auction laydown Sherlock from Kiebler! (Closed, shipped)
  146. Auction Glocc's Overstocked Boro Color Box! (Closed)
  147. Auction Conch shell air plant holder by Lowtideglass! (closed)
  148. Auction GlassBBQ Tongs and Boots combo set by mrjustin4000! (closed)
  149. Auction Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail plug by CrystalDToys! (closed)
  150. Auction RoseBud Delight Plug by CrystalDToys! (closed)
  151. Auction 1 lb Greasy Glass - Aphrodisia tube! (Closed)
  152. Auction Rhinoceros Beetle by Wesley Fleming! (Closed)
  153. Auction High density tool kit by Bison Glass! (closed)
  154. Auction Set of tungsten Tweezers by Glasscraft! (closed)
  155. Auction Blue kraken pendant by marilynsure! (closed)
  156. Auction Snakeskin sherly by Firekist! (closed)
  157. Auction 1 pound green glow frit by Bohica! (closed)
  158. Auction 1 pound green glow frit from Bohica, round 2! (closed)
  159. Auction Mini quintuple fumacello marble by Jim OShea! (closed)
  160. Auction Rainbow swirl pendant by Jayboogie! (closed)
  161. Auction Fume implosion marble by neddowerx! (closed)
  162. Auction 6 rolls of beading wire by Soft Flex! (closed)
  163. Auction Ĺ pound line tube by bugzboro! (closed)
  164. Auction Fire and Ice illuminati hollow pendant by bugzboro! (closed)
  165. Auction Large petal puller by karenleonardo! (closed)
  166. Auction Large petal presser by karenleonardo! (closed)
  167. Auction Oxygen concentrator from Available Oxygen! (closed)
  168. Auction Double auction! DHG v-neckers from Dawg House Glass! (closed)
  169. Auction HVY Glass straight tube from brotherswithglass! (closed)
  170. Auction Fume pendant from Jimi the Don! (closed)
  171. Auction Gun mounts by Icarus! (closed)
  172. Auction Bonenanza! by JANKYglass! (closed)
  173. Auction Fairy pendant by Stuffcalledart! (closed)
  174. Auction Mandala pendant by Stuffcalledart! (closed)
  175. Auction Silver coins from Mr.P0rn and LifeFire-Glass (closed)
  176. Auction Shark! By labrie! (closed)
  177. Auction Acorn by Labrie! (closed)
  178. Auction Frit swirl pendant by mattholimeau! (closed)
  179. Auction Ball Pit! By Jankyglass (closed)
  180. You have been flamed!!
  181. Auction Fume spoon by Mattypo! (closed)
  182. Auction 1 pound illuminati from OPAL! (closed)
  183. Auction THC and Psilocybin molecule stash jars from Oneiros! (Closed)
  184. Auction 3 Graphite molds from GNG Machine Works! (closed)
  185. Auction 1 pound Rasta Gold donated by BoroGlow! (closed)
  186. Auction 4 ounces illuminati frit donated by Boro Art Supply - #1 (closed)
  187. Auction 4 ounces illuminati frit from Boro Art Supply - #2 (closed)
  188. Auction 4 ounces Illuminati frit from Boro Art Supply - #3 (closed)
  189. Auction Illuminati frit from Boro Art Supply! #4 (closed)
  190. Auction Gorgeous flower marble by Michael Andrews! (closed)
  191. Auction Graphite tools by Molten Glass Tools (closed)
  192. Auction Atomic Breath from Joseph Mullan! (closed)
  193. Auction Ti Pencil from Acadian Glass Works! (closed)
  194. Auction Heat Defense Pad from Acadian Glass Works! (closed)
  195. Auction 2lbs of GL33 Boro glow rod from Isthmuscolor! (closed)
  196. Auction UV dragon eye mille set from Eugene Rain! (closed)
  197. Auction JAWS donut tool and cutting tool from Michael! (closed)
  198. Auction 3 lbs of extinct NS colors from Boroglow! (closed)
  199. Auction Graphite tools from GNG Machine Works! (closed)
  200. Auction Graphite Molds by GNG Machine Works!!