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  • Homemade Yoke Rollers DYI

    Greetings All,

    I was planning on doing this a long time ago, but got re-inspired once I saw another recent thread with some pics of homemade yoke rollers.

    Here is my attempt.

    Here is what you will need ball bearing roller from harbor freight. I am super excited as a harbor frieght just opened a location about 20 minutes from me!

    L bracket, found one at home depot. Used for framing and hurricane damage prevention.

    And a mini tripod used for cameras. Had this one lying around, but i think you can find one at best buy for around $15.

    A few bolts and nuts and you are done.( sorry i dont have the exact size of the bolts, easy enough to find out once you start it on your own tho

    Some pics:

    I drilled out a hole in the center of the bracket for the bolt of the tripod to sit in.

    Drilled out the hole a bit larger for the bolt for the bearing roller.

    Add bolts and nuts

    And Assemble!

    I havent used this yet, but i really think it will work out just fine. Probably not the most stable thing, but it is fully adjustable and it only cost me about 6 dollars in change to put together. I'll let you guys know how it works out in the long run.

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