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  • Kick starting AGI 2013 -- yes already!

    Hey everybody!

    I wanted to thank everybody who came this year. It was an awesome time.

    As many of you already know, I have been handed the "keys" (and top hat) to AGI and couldn't be more honored or excited. AGI has been the best thing that could have happened to me in the glass world, and I am beyond words now that I can give back in a way I never dreamed I could.

    With all that being said, I'm ecstatic to announce that we are doing pre-sales for all previous guests up until September 30th.

    "B" Ticket - $600 - includes:
    • Access to all demonstrations
    • On-site camping
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks
    • Endless opportunities to learn and make life long friends and contacts

    "A" Ticket - $700 - includes:
    • Everything listed above
    • Workstation to try out what you've learned
    • Access to that work station from 8am - 1:30am

    17 tickets have already been sold and they've only been on sale since Sunday!!!!!

    To make sure you get yours please contact Elaine at (724) 791-2100.

    Remember as always we can do a payment plan, which means that if you can't pay all at once, we can take monthly installments. Just to give you an idea how affordable it can be, it's basically $60 a month (that's only $15/week) for an A ticket so don't miss out on this opportunity!

    Again, thank you all for participating in this event and making it what it is today. You are the event and the reason why I, and so many others, come back year after year.
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    1. steven p selchow's Avatar
      steven p selchow -
      Glad a good knowledgeable person is standing up Moch..see ya in glassroots.
    1. Slow's Avatar
      Slow -

      I barely got my deposit in on time last year, and I don't get paid until next week...
    1. TheGlassTree's Avatar
      TheGlassTree -
      Got mine in the Barry building already!
    1. torchgirl's Avatar
      torchgirl -
      I'm in the Barry building as well and can't wait until next year. I unpacked but haven't hooked up torch yet, busy uploading all of the photos took.
    1. STROKER's Avatar
      STROKER -
      deposit down and look forward to seeing yall next year. im in my usual corner of the barry building again.

      love you bear. i cant be too far from you without anxiety issues.
    1. fourpawsglass's Avatar
      fourpawsglass -
      Deposit down and in Barry building. Whee!
    1. OracleGlassArts's Avatar
      OracleGlassArts -
      I'll be depositing $$ for an "A" as soon as I get back to Milwaukee and sell the stuff I made all last week! I sold some stuff I made at agi to a pittsburgh shop (the only one haha) that makes that sale my first out of state sale too!...besides scoughing at pipedreams' ludacricy (at least slightly if only in my mind)
    1. mellofello's Avatar
      mellofello -
      Never been before but really hoping there are some A tickets left on the 30th. I have a few questions though......

      How much will the deposit on the A and B tickets be?

      I would be coming from the UK so I'm wondering how access is from the nearest international airport? train, bus, hitchhike?

      Need to look into this all properly but I'm set on making it next year even if it means robbing a bank and/or whoring myself
    1. glassdocnc's Avatar
      glassdocnc -
      What are the 2013 dates?
    1. STROKER's Avatar
      STROKER -
      Quote Originally Posted by glassdocnc View Post
      What are the 2013 dates?
      marina it doesnt matter. you have one year to get your shit together and make plans to come.
      i expect to see you there next year which will then lead to every year after that.
    1. Samson's Avatar
      Samson -
      Calling Elaine today to secure my spot! 8) Looking forward to AGI 2013!
    1. glassdocnc's Avatar
      glassdocnc -
      Quote Originally Posted by STROKER View Post
      marina it doesnt matter. you have one year to get your shit together and make plans to come.
      i expect to see you there next year which will then lead to every year after that.
      LOL It takes AT LEAST a year for me to get my shit together! I'm hoping to make it happen this year.
    1. PyroChixRock's Avatar
      PyroChixRock -
      I'm shooting for it this year, too!
    1. Mr. Whale dick's Avatar
      Mr. Whale dick -
      Do that
    1. Plum Tuckered's Avatar
      Plum Tuckered -
      Is there a solid date yet? My anniversary is 08/08/08 and if AGI falls on that date i gotta start kissing ass right now!!!!
    1. Mr. Whale dick's Avatar
      Mr. Whale dick -
      You should prolly be kissing her ass now anyway....
    1. Plum Tuckered's Avatar
      Plum Tuckered -
      Actually she is already on board with me going. I just know that i heard it may be a week earlier next year because of the crossover with AGE. Is there any thruth to that? Not looking to start a rumor. Oh and AleV do you have a facebook page or are you too cool for that sh!t?
    1. themoch's Avatar
      themoch -
      Hey everybody

      AGI will always be held on the 2nd full week of Aug. So this year it is Aug 5th - 10th 2013.

      We already have 19 tickets sold which brings us to 1/5 of the tickets already gone!

      If anybody has any questions feel free to PM me directly.
    1. Mr. Whale dick's Avatar
      Mr. Whale dick -
      Fb alex vicknair
    1. Plum Tuckered's Avatar
      Plum Tuckered -
      Thanks Moch and Alex!

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