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  • Boro Tile Possibility

    Here's a short video about making boro tile. Bob Kirby, the guy who put this content together, is an engineer business dog who's spent his whole career doing glass recycling, mostly full remelts of molded container glass. He got turned on to boro 6-8 years ago and ever since has had an idea a minute. He's the one who got us going on the boro concrete with high alumina fondu cement, the boro clay on the potters wheel, and several other ideas, including various iterations of sintered applications, and full fuse 2000 degree fluxed mold melts.

    Anyway, the video here is a way to make tile without having to make any sort of refractory mold. The tile produced on the video is one variation on the theme that has not yet been done in house at Glasscraft. Kirby has sent us finished samples of this type tile and we've found them to be compatible. When these bad boys are warmed up and treated like a chunk of boro, you can lamp additional features of virgin material onto the surface/matrix.

    He says he'll keep making videos on various recycle boro topics...I hope he does. See what you think.

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