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  • How many more lines would you like sir?

    First off this is pretty common sense.This may not be the best way , or the fastest , but if you are limited to a smaller torch ,or no lathe , or what ever reason you are limited to # of lines , this is one way to skin the cat .So I was asked to make a piece , they only had requested that the colors and the mouth piece looked like this.

    (this pic is my version.)

    As I striped the tube with color , I realized that I only made half of the lines as in the pic . As I was almost out of some colors , I had to do something . I came to this answer. I have not seen this tek before . It may help some one other than me out ,so here it is .

    here is the tube pull (vac)

    1.first I tried to make the sections as even in size as I could ,so the colors are even in the pattern. like this.

    2.Then I put holes in the color so they match up ( all on yellow here).

    3.Next you connect the sections like this. Now I have 40 lines not 20. but I want more.

    4.So add another hole ,then I add the last section like this.

    5. I CANT EXPRESS TO YOU HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO KEEP WALLS EVEN THICKNESS. If they are not it is very hard to melt back into a ball with even lines. So I reduce the tips like this.
    6.Next you need the lines to meet at the same temination , so clean off the ends so the lines come together.

    7.Now switch the handle to the end you just finshed , then repeat steps 5 and 6 on the new end.
    8. This may be most important of all , make sure it is all even ,like a normal section . The extra min or two to make it perfect will yeild better results.
    9. stretch and work like you do any other line work .

    12" single bub Ect. Ect.

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