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  • How many more lines would you like sir?

    First off this is pretty common sense.This may not be the best way , or the fastest , but if you are limited to a smaller torch ,or no lathe , or what ever reason you are limited to # of lines , this is one way to skin the cat .So I was asked to make a piece , they only had requested that the colors and the mouth piece looked like this.

    (this pic is my version.)

    As I striped the tube with color , I realized that I only made half of the lines as in the pic . As I was almost out of some colors , I had to do something . I came to this answer. I have not seen this tek before . It may help some one other than me out ,so here it is .

    here is the tube pull (vac)

    1.first I tried to make the sections as even in size as I could ,so the colors are even in the pattern. like this.

    2.Then I put holes in the color so they match up ( all on yellow here).

    3.Next you connect the sections like this. Now I have 40 lines not 20. but I want more.

    4.So add another hole ,then I add the last section like this.

    5. I CANT EXPRESS TO YOU HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO KEEP WALLS EVEN THICKNESS. If they are not it is very hard to melt back into a ball with even lines. So I reduce the tips like this.
    6.Next you need the lines to meet at the same temination , so clean off the ends so the lines come together.

    7.Now switch the handle to the end you just finshed , then repeat steps 5 and 6 on the new end.
    8. This may be most important of all , make sure it is all even ,like a normal section . The extra min or two to make it perfect will yeild better results.
    9. stretch and work like you do any other line work .

    12" single bub Ect. Ect.
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    Re: Registration

    I also am getting the access denied page and I would like to register. I would appreciate someone adding me. Thanks!

    Username: DJBoro

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    rez cash

    Re: Problems with checking

    I've had pretty good luck with tag heavy teal. it could be the opaque purple also. Id switch up both colors and see if your still having the problem,

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    Re: Problems with checking

    I'd guess the heavy teal is causing the problems.

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    Re: Problems with checking

    Oh and backing is striking white by china and sea breez by boro batch

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    Re: Problems with checking

    Heavy teal by tag lemonade by boro batch and the opueqe purple by china but ive imploded the purple in flowers and stuff with no problems and sorry my

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