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  • Happy 13th birthday to TMP!!

    Hey guys, it's our 13th birthday!!

    Put on your party hats and join in on the upcoming festivities! If you've ever been to one of our online birthday parties, you know how much fun they are! It's been awhile since I've been able to do one. If you have me on facebook, you know I just moved across I'll do the best I can with the games and contests, and please excuse my half assed banner I was using gimp, which I'm cleary gimp in!

    If you have the time and energy to run a birthday contest/game/auction/etc hit me up and let me know! If you want to be involved in any other way, let me know and we'll work it in.

    Stay tuned for more tomorrow! The month of June will be fun around here.

    Happy 13th birthday, Melting Pot!! I love you guys!!

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    1. Milkman's Avatar
      Milkman -
      Happy birthday to the pot lets go many more
    1. Mecha's Avatar
      Mecha -
      Hey now!

      Here's to the best place for boro recluses to emerge from the shadows of their shops and come together!

      Is it always this bright out here?
    1. gypsea's Avatar
      gypsea -
      yea! it's a party!!
    1. brettodie's Avatar
      brettodie -
      thank you to everyone who has helped make this such a repository for knowledge.
    1. fUmEsNiFfEr's Avatar
      fUmEsNiFfEr -
      "What a long strange trip it's been..."
    1. LowTideGlass's Avatar
      LowTideGlass -
      WOOT WOOT!! Happy Birthday MP! Let's get some tunes bumpin!

    1. misled youth's Avatar
      misled youth -
      13 years....
      happy b-day, many to come
    1. glassdocnc's Avatar
      glassdocnc -
      Thanks to all who make this place what it is.
    1. derekg0's Avatar
      derekg0 -
      Who doesn't love a melting pot party!

      thanks for all the Admins for keeping the site going, and all the badass melters who share their wisdom!
    1. Shadow's Avatar
      Shadow -
      Happy Birthday! Oh wait is 13 a lucky number?
    1. Action Glass's Avatar
      Action Glass -
      Poor melting pot guy. He's only 13 and already plastered. Happy birthday.
    1. jw721's Avatar
      jw721 -
      Happy birthday to TMP and a big thanks to the admins that run it and everyone who shares their knowledge around here. It has been the best resource I have found for lampworking.
    1. Icarus's Avatar
      Icarus -
      Awesome. Here's to at least another 13! Misha, Mer, KT, and plenty others who won't get mentioned here for the sake of brevity, you people made and continue to make this site what it is. Thank you. This placed has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I can't say thank you enough.

      Three cheers for TMP!
    1. willy47's Avatar
      willy47 -
      woooootwooooott im jamming to that strong bad techno wooowoooo HAPPYBIRTHDAY Melting pot
    1. kage's Avatar
      kage -
      I love you guys! Happy Birthday Melting Pot xoxoxoxo
    1. p.j.'s Avatar
      p.j. -
      wicked awesome!!! 13 is the bestest numbah
    1. Mr.P0rn's Avatar
      Mr.P0rn -
      Happy Birthday Melting Pot! Big thanks to everyone who shares information, welcomes others into their shops, and are always helping in any way they can (including burning trolls to the ground). You guys make this place everything that it is!
    1. kbinkster's Avatar
      kbinkster -
      Happy Birthday, TMP!
    1. STROKER's Avatar
      STROKER -
      Quote Originally Posted by kage View Post
      I love guys! xoxoxoxo


      13 years of awesomeness. .. cant wait to see what the next 13 have in store.
    1. Greymatter Glass's Avatar
      Greymatter Glass -
      I'll give away a marble at some point tomorrow... don't know what kind of crazy shit someone will have to do to get it, but I'll think about it.

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