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  • Live 13th Birthday Party! Come on in!!

    Welcome to's 13th birthday party thread! I hope you've got yourself a drink and have time to play a few games with us tonight.

    Before we start the celebrations I want to thank you all once again for being such kick ass members, staff, and overall community. This place wouldn't be what it is without each and every one of you. I know I say that every year, but it's true!

    A big shoutout to the distributors and artists who donated the prizes for our event this year!

    Raffle/games prizes have been generously donated by: BC Creations, Bohica, Cornerstone Glass, CSamson, D3rk, Emmett Hollander, Firearm Glass, Glasscraft, Gravlabs, Hazy Daze Glass, Itis, Mountain Glass Arts, PyroChixRock, Refresh Glass, Salt City Glass, Simian, Trueglass, and Twist!

    Auction items have been generously donated by: 1up Glass, ABR Imagery, Austin King, BBro Glass, BC Creations, Berning Glass, Boozeclues, Chauncey Glassworx, Christine Hansen, Coltrane, D3rk, Dawg House Glass, Emmett Hollander, FizZle, Firekist, Flow Magazine, Glass Torch Technologies, Goofball Glass, Gravlabs, Hazy Daze Glass, Heartburn Glass, Highwater, Jedi Glassworks, Jeffs Pieces, Kage, Lupe, MUPH, Neddowerks, Northstar Glass, Nubblet, Ornametalsmith, PJ Davenport, Refresh Glass, Royal, S. Peirce Glass, Trautman Art Glass, Trueglass, Twist, Whipkey Glass, and Yinzer.

    Thank you all for your amazing support of our community and helping us celebrate the 13+ years we've been gathering to talk about glass! You guys ROCK!

    It should go without saying, but just in case! You must be over 18 years old to participate in our games and raffles. Your age will need to be verified if you participate and win one of the pipes we're giving away tonight. Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation!

    So the question is....

    Who here is ready to party?!!

    First we will be playing some games with awesome goodies for prizes, and then picking random winners for the present giveaways. If you didn't donate something to TMP (cash, glass, items, or FAQ threads) then you aren't entered to win the giveaways! This is your last chance to enter! Once I start rolling the randomizer for winners no new names will be entered.

    We're giving free entries to anyone who donates before I start picking winners! $5 donation gets you 1 free entry, $20 gets you 5, and $100 gets you 25 entries! Your donation to the forum also gets you the shiny green flame badge which shows you're a supporter of TMP in the year 2013. There's a donation button at the bottom of the forum (unblock ads!) or you can paypal direct to Please make sure to include your TMP username with your donation so I can badge you and enter you into the giveaways quickly! Time is of the essence here as there is very little time left to enter.

    There will be door prizes given out tonight to the first 8 people who post in this thread! To keep the party flowing please contact me after the celebrations. When I give you a link to the presents, please pick your present and let me know your choice so I know which ones are left to offer to the next winner. Picks will go in order of who posts first, second, and so on!

    OK lets have some fun, eh!! Remember to refresh the thread often! It's going to be moving along quickly.
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    1. Bo Diddles's Avatar
      Bo Diddles -
      Yay! Happy Birthday Melting Pot!
      This place rocks.

      Let's party!!
    1. Mr.P0rn's Avatar
      Mr.P0rn -
    1. jackpotmonkey's Avatar
      jackpotmonkey -
    1. mfinn2135's Avatar
      mfinn2135 -
      Happy Birthday TMP!!
    1. turdhole's Avatar
      turdhole -
      happy birthday melting pot
    1. medicatedMELTDOWN's Avatar
      medicatedMELTDOWN -
      Happy Birthday to everyone who has been a member here and enjoys glass! this place is awesome beyond control! :-D
    1. Hels's Avatar
      Hels -
      Am here!
    1. Grim Glassworks's Avatar
      Grim Glassworks -
      WOoooo TMP!!!
    1. genentics's Avatar
      genentics -
      Yay! TMP Birthday!
    1. chachie's Avatar
      chachie -
      Me me me
    1. Jar-Jar's Avatar
      Jar-Jar -
    1. KLAW's Avatar
      KLAW -
    1. PhantomCoral's Avatar
      PhantomCoral -
      Thanks for the party TMP!!!

      Hope I'm one of the top 8. Congrats to all the winners!
    1. Captain Glass's Avatar
      Captain Glass -
      Happy bday !

      Congrats to the first 8 !
    1. 2wheeler's Avatar
      2wheeler -
      happy b day
    1. Jeffs Pieces's Avatar
      Jeffs Pieces -
      I made it lol
    1. Raimond's Avatar
      Raimond -
      I love TMP , pick me..
    1. dbglass's Avatar
      dbglass -
      Boom Boom
    1. IsthmusColor's Avatar
      IsthmusColor -
    1. KLAW's Avatar
      KLAW -

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