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  • 13th birthday party winners!!

    I hope you were able to make it to the party! There are still a couple games going on for the ones who couldn't make it. Here's the party thread! Game info here.

    A big shoutout to the distributors and artists who donated the prizes for our event this year!

    Raffle/games prizes have been generously donated by: BC Creations, Bohica, Cornerstone Glass, CSamson, D3rk, Emmett Hollander, Firearm Glass, Glasscraft, Gravlabs, Hazy Daze Glass, Itis, Mountain Glass Arts, PyroChixRock, Refresh Glass, Salt City Glass, Simian, Trueglass, and Twist!

    Auction items have been generously donated by: 1up Glass, ABR Imagery, Austin King, BBro Glass, BC Creations, Berning Glass, Boozeclues, Chauncey Glassworx, Christine Hansen, Coltrane, D3rk, Dawg House Glass, Emmett Hollander, FizZle, Firekist, Flow Magazine, Glass Torch Technologies, Goofball Glass, Gravlabs, Hazy Daze Glass, Heartburn Glass, Highwater, Jedi Glassworks, Jeffs Pieces, Kage, Lupe, MUPH, Neddowerks, Northstar Glass, Nubblet, Ornametalsmith, PJ Davenport, Refresh Glass, Royal, S. Peirce Glass, Trautman Art Glass, Trueglass, Twist, Whipkey Glass, and Yinzer.

    There are still 3 games going on! One lasts a week, two end tomorrow night. More info here.

    List of 13th birthday winners! Congrats again everyone!! Please take the time to thank the wonderful companies and artists listed above who made and donated your gifts.

    Won by Dislexei!

    Won by MedicatedMeltdown!

    Won by Rez Cash!

    Won by Chachie!

    Won by Klaw!

    Won by Smokinsluuu!

    Won by Nubblet!

    Won by Syinbox!

    Won by Firekist!

    Won by Firekist!

    Won by D. dino I ninjah!

    Won by p.j.!

    Won by 1Up!

    Won by Emmett's Glass!

    Won by Emmett's Glass!

    Won by Suzuki479!

    Won by Bohica!

    Won by Berning!

    Won by MrNiceGuy!

    Won by derekg0!

    Won by Suzuki479!

    The following 8 prizes need to be assigned to winners still.

    Won by Bo Diddles, Mr. P0rn, jackpotmonkey, mfinn2135, turdhole, MedicatedMeltdown, Hels, and Syinbox!

    If you won a prize in tonight's event please contact me with your shipping address and a note of which item you won.

    Make sure to stop by our TMP celebrations section and check out all the awesome items up for auction donated by our wonderful community!

    I hope you all enjoyed the party! Thank you for being here, for your donations, for playing, and again for being such an awesome community. I love you guys!!

    Goodnight TMP!!
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      PyroChixRock -
      He's not online often so it might take awhile.
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      Quote Originally Posted by PyroChixRock View Post
      He's not online often so it might take awhile.
      Ok thanks for the heads up :-)

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