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  • Happy Holidays! Ti-Pen Giveaway game by Aspenglass!

    Happy holidays, TMP! We have a fun giveaway for you to enter brought to you by aspenglass!

    Jim has been a member here for many years and we all love his Ti-pens. I have a Ti-pen in my purse made by Jim that Ive had for over 10 years! You can check out more about Jim and his pens at

    Jim has made a generous donation to our community of 13 Ti-pens, one for every year weve been gathering to talk about glass. Not only that, but for every pen hes donating hes also donating $10! What a guy. Give it up for Jim!!

    We've designed this game so glassblowers are the ones entering as you are the ones who will use the pens. Here is how to enter!

    To win one of the lucky 13 Ti-pens:
    • Take a photo of your torch with a holiday greeting written next to it. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa - whatever floats your boat!
    • Post your photo in this thread.
    • All the entries will be given a number and randomized to pick 13 winners.
    • Entries must be in no later than midnight on Monday the 16th.
    • 13 winners will be chosen and announced on Tuesday the 17th.

    Thank you, Jim, for the awesome game and support of TMP! You rock!!
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    1. windupdevl's Avatar
      windupdevl -
    1. PyroChixRock's Avatar
      PyroChixRock -
      That's a nice holiday greeting!

      And are a clean/organized glass blower. I wish my desk looked that clean.
    1. Moon Munkey's Avatar
      Moon Munkey -
      Attachment 56806
    1. hashcat's Avatar
      hashcat -
    1. KLAW's Avatar
      KLAW -
      Didnt want to use this card but oh well...Look familiar? Its the one im sure a lot of people got from the printing company that cant spell Oh well i "Appriciate" it
    1. aspenglass's Avatar
      aspenglass -
      Im starting to think I need to clean my bench....
    1. Nitadee's Avatar
      Nitadee -
      Don't laugh!!!!!
      Happy Holidays!

      Attachment 56823
    1. PyroChixRock's Avatar
      PyroChixRock -
      No one would ever laugh. We all use what we got.
    1. Nitadee's Avatar
      Nitadee -
      Thanks Misha, it IS better than the minor, and for sure a LOT better than the HH
    1. Bruce Dille's Avatar
      Bruce Dille -
      Attachment 56824
      Ceramic "Scrooge Humbug" Cup was painted and fired in 1969 by my Grandmother Allie ,She eched the Hum Bug in there.
    1. hashmasta-kut's Avatar
      hashmasta-kut -
      is your fan on, thats classic, good call. beat alzheimers before it starts with little notes to yourself
    1. raunchdaddy's Avatar
      raunchdaddy -

    1. raunchdaddy's Avatar
      raunchdaddy -
      Frosty likes to melt

    1. hglasswell's Avatar
      hglasswell -
      Attachment 56825 water-cooled 8m Ryder soon to be champion burner I hope...
    1. aspenglass's Avatar
      aspenglass -
      Good stuff!! don't be afraid to post... no one gives a shit if you are trying to use a lantern running off of whale fat or raging the Avantador of torches, as long as you are safe and having fun.
    1. Jar-Jar's Avatar
      Jar-Jar -
    1. RamblezMarblez's Avatar
      RamblezMarblez -
      Is that not the best penguin ya ever seen?
    1. Shaper's Avatar
      Shaper -
      Still putting the finishing touches on the new work station. Otherwise it would be a real mess.

      Attachment 56844
    1. Nitadee's Avatar
      Nitadee -
      I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's set ups! Good luck everyone!
    1. TacosGlass's Avatar
      TacosGlass -
      I ain't afraid of no post - I'd proudly rep my minor for a chance at a free pen!

      I do miss the smell of the whale fat though

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