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  • Sculpted eye pendant tutorial

    Hey MP, I've learned so much here so I want to share some of my knowledge with you guys. Here for your learning is a photo walk through of me making an eye pendant, giving credit to Bagels Glass for teaching me these eyes. Enjoy and thanks for looking!

    First I attach a section of white to a punty. (all out of 6 mil so I used some chinese yellow with clear on the end as my punty) I attach the white to clear in order to save color, if you have long rods of white you can just build the eyeball off of that. Flatten the gather and flame polish.

    Have some stringers ready for adding the iris and pupil, or you can use some pre-made eyeball murrine.

    I place my color for the iris down, melt it in, then put a small black dot for the pupil. Use gravity while melting in the pupil to make sure it is centered

    After it is all melted in nice and smooth, add a small gather of clear that is big enough to cover the iris.

    I usually marver it slightly to make sure it melts over evenly with the pupil in the center.

    Now start laying down the lids. I used NS Jet black for this one.

    As you lay the eyelids down, make sure they are pressed up against the previous lines to prevent gaps in between them. Melt in the ends of the eye lids with a small pointy flame, but be very careful not the melt them into the lens of the eye.

    For me it takes 3 lines on each side to make the eyelids, but this all depends on the size of the stringer used and the style of eyelids that are desired.

    To complete the back side of the pendant, I punty up to the front of the eye. I add a bit of color to some 4mm rod and cold seal it to the bottom eyelid. I have to say it took messing up a few really nice eyes to figure out how to punty up to the front, but this is what method I found most suitable for myself, others prefer puntying to the lens.

    Once the back is nice and melted in smoothly you can attach a loop. I make loops by attaching a section of rod and bending it into place before melting in, this is one of many different ways to attach a loop.

    Now just grab the loop with some tweezers, break off the cold seal, polish and anneal!

    I have been playing with glass on my own for only about 1 year now, so I know there are probably other ways to go about this process. If anybody has anything to add on to this tut feel free to let it be heard. I hope that you can all benefit from this info and go out and make some cool stuff Have a great day everyone and never stop raging that flame!!

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