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  • How To Make Foot Pedal!

    My friend has a 4 stud GTT mirage with a foot pedal which he let me use frequently.Then I purchased a 4 stud GTT Mirage. After moving to a new studio and having to use my own torch w/o a pedeal I realized how much of a convenience it is to have one.

    I would like to help fellow members be able to build one. This is an instructional guideline on how to make a foot pedal for a GTT Mirage only. Not any other type of torch. These solenoids are rated for 125 psi only. Only use this for making a foot pedal for a 4 stud GTT mirage.

    That being said I spent about $120.00 from grainger .com. You should be looking to spend anywhere from $100.00 to $150.00. I'm going to make this as easy as possible. If you have any question feel free to pm me.

    The item numbers which I got to from grainger dot com and used to make my pedal are as follows.....

    Item #

    (2) 1A575-Solenoid valve, 2 way $25.95*2 =$51.90
    (2) 4A706-Solenoid valve coil,120 v $23.94*2 =$47.88
    (1) 2A191-Switch,Foot,SPDT-No $24.82 =$24.82
    (1) 1FD89=Powersupply Cord, 12ft $9.97 =$9.97
    (4) 6X409-Brass Hose Barb, 1/4 In $01.03*4 =$4.12

    After tax $148.06

    The only thing you need besides what is listed is 4 hose clamps and 2 wire nuts.

    To make the pedal all you have to do it connect the dots.

    1.Take the valves(1A575) and connect/push them into the valve coil(4A706). You then have your solenoids as one.

    2.After that screw your brass hose barbs(6X409) into the solenoids and do not forget to use some type of Teflon tape.

    3. Connect the power supply cord(1Fd89) to the solenoids. Use some cheap wire nuts or some type of wire connectors. Connect both black and white wires from the solenoid to a black or white wire on the power supply cord. Then do the same for the other solenoid. Connect it to either the black or white wire on the power supply considering what one you connected it to before.

    4. Then connect your solenoids to your outer gas/oxy hoses for you GTT Mirage with the hose clamps. If you have different size hoses then buy different size solenoids valves (1A575).They come in different sizes in which to screw the brass hose barbs (EX. 1/8,1/4,1/2,1 inches).

    5. FINAL STEP.

    PLUG the FOOT SWITCH(2A191) into an outlet/extension cord which ever is easier/closer. Then plug the Power supply cord(1FD89) VIA a cheater/cord adapter/piggyback.(you plug it into the back of the foot switch plug, you will see what I mean once you get to this step, Its almost like the plugs on Christmas tree lights, where you can stick all the lights together )..... Then your done.

    your plug is ready to use. Your solenoids will only turn on when you fully compress the foot switch. I really hope this helps someone. Thanks and Good luck.


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