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tim Matlock

Glass Lathe For Sale

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I have for sale a Woodland Model 6420 lathe. This lathe is in good working order and was rebuilt just over one year ago. It has a new Leeson variable speed Controller and 1/2hp motor. This machine has a 4 1/2 inch bore and is equipped with Litton planetary chucks with 3 1/2 inch bore. Specs are as follows: 47" between spindle noses, 26 1/2 " from chuck face to chuck face, 12' from chuck center to bed and 24' swing. Lathe is set up for outboard mounting of chucks and has one outboard centering and support chuck. Also included are a Weld-It Gas Saver pilot system, one Major hand torch, one burner carriage mounted Mid Range torch, two National hand torches and one Litton 6 jet lathe burner. FIRM PRICE FOR ENTIRE PACKAGE IS $8500. Lathe is located in Olympia,Wa. I will crate for cost of crating materials. Shipping arrangements and fees are the responsibility of buyer. Interested parties may contact me here or call 360-489-9508.


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Updated 05-24-2013 at 11:04 AM by tim Matlock

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