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  1. Re: Best place to visit and/or live (in USA) for glassblowers?

    if you wanna blow glass move to tampa bay area aka the burg
  2. Classes at Urban Glass NYC Brooklyn

    urban glass is arguably the worlds best glass studio, if not the east coasts for sure. My body and glass blowing partner teaches the beginner class there, and would like to get the word out a...
  3. Re: BLOWN AWAY!!! - Glassblowing reality TV show

    glass what now?
    slippery slope = hippy paranoia
    takes one to know one

    why anyone would hate on this awesome project is beyond me, its not even famous yet, it should be picked up by network or...
  4. Re: BLOWN AWAY!!! - Glassblowing reality TV show

    i think this show has potential, just hope it gets off youtube and into the homes of people with TV's. and ill tell you why, right now glass, at least in NYC, is all asian crap, people see glass as...
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    my studio in westchester NY

    im almost done building my MINI studio in westchester NY,! me and my friend dawn are working on it, I am sooo disenchanted with urban glass, and their lack of duel lines for their carliles and tumble...
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    Re: 2006 Technolux classes!

    went to blow at urban glass tonight, met one of the only other lampworkers
    sean, he said technolux was much better vibe and i should check it out
  7. Sticky: Re: STOLEN GEAR LISTINGS - If it's too good to be true...

    it happened in florida but he stole my torch and my boys car and drove up i think somewhere in upstate new york, dudes got a scar, short and kind of fat/thick/stocky and talks kind of like chucky...
  8. Sticky: Re: STOLEN GEAR LISTINGS - If it's too good to be true...

    i had my redmax stolen by a short dreadlocked really wookie type, he is the sketchiest and most dangerous glass blower i met, hide your gear if you find this kid! he goes by j, jarrod and other...
  9. glassblowing jam/urban community revolution

    THE BLOG hey yall i am a glass blower who has done work for lots of jam artists i am also a musician and web designer and have vision to start an online community for glass and counter culture...
  10. Sticky: my red max!

    this red max has rigged up marver to it not an l marve. this tweeker stole it from me and my buddies car in ste pete florida then ran up to upstate new york his whereabouts unknown. this guy who...
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    Re: Looking for "non flakey" pro custom boro milli makers

    any good dead or phish millis out there? i need a good milli maker too! can someone give me the info?
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