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Thread: Pyrex/Simax

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    Default Pyrex/Simax

    Couple of questions about pyrex and simax.

    Can you work pyrex and simax in the same piece/work them together?

    Is everything that is pyrex compatible simax comatible too vice/versa?

    Which would you say is better?


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    Default Re: Pyrex/Simax

    afaik they are both borosilicate and have the same coe therefore they should both be compatable with each other. I'm sure there are people that work pyrex that use the same color company as those that use simax. If the color is compatable with both then they should be compatable with each other.

    As for quality I have no clue.

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    Default Re: Pyrex/Simax

    both are good quality glass although i haven't tried pyrex since they stopped making it domestically. in my experience simax moves a little bit faster. like gravdigr said, they are completely compatible with boro color and each other.
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    Default Re: Pyrex/Simax

    corning 7740 Pyrex and Simax's 33coe glass _SHOULD_ be compatible, by looking at their COE, but if in doubt don't mix them.

    Color wise, it should all work the same.

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    Default Re: Pyrex/Simax

    Clear to clear, you may be able to SEE the difference. Like if you add a bunch of clear simax over a pyrex honeycomb (or something like that) Or if you encalmo a pyrex tube to a Simax tube you may be able to see the line. Other than that they are compatible. As for one being stiffer than another.... that's a good question.

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    Default Re: Pyrex/Simax

    My opinion, I worked both the domestic and made in japan pyrex for years. When one gets use to a certian brand, its hard to switch, even if theirs no noticeable difference in working properties. They both act the same to me, except kimax, I've always liked that, so smooth, and buttery, but now I buy in quantitys that are less than a case, so I can usually expect more scratches on them, any brand bought that way. Glasscraft still sells pyrex in increments of 2,5 and 10 lb bundles, I keep all brands on hand for different applications, my previous post in another thread, I think pyrex honeycombs better, but to many variences, kiln temp and time in affects the whole process in the end.


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    Default Re: Pyrex/Simax

    Damn, I didn't know there wasn't any domestic pyrex =/.

    Also, this may sound stupid, but is the term lampworking referring to anything made with torch?

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    Default Re: Pyrex/Simax

    yes, lampworking referrs to anything done with a tourch, or any work completed when illuminated from an authentic tiffany lamp.

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