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Thread: 10 Things

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    Default 10 Things

    These posts where taken from the black board.Some have been edited down..if you'd like to repost them we will delete this, we just put it up so you'd have a copy! Please feel free to continue the conversation. Due to the EzBoard crash alot has been lost. So please repost or start agian. Thanks.

    Eugene Rain
    (5/18/03 11:02 pm)
    10 things
    So we've all been around for awhile, thought we should share some stuff about ourselves other then glass. How about ten things, non glass related. I know it's hard to think of non glass stuff, but I bet we could get some funny responses! Here it goes....

    1. My 12 year old sister wears the same size clothes as me.
    2. I've had grey hair since I was 12.
    3. I'm obsessed with body art but only have 3 tattoos.
    4. I have 14 body piercings.
    5. I ride dirt bikes and skateboards.
    6. I'm into cars as much as most guys.
    7. I get buzzed off one beer, but I can drink 12 without puking.
    8. I like internet friends better because I can shut em up with the click of an X.
    9. I'm scared of the dark.
    10. I'm addicted to Chai tea.

    (5/19/03 12:02 am)
    Re: 10 things
    1. i got bit by a monkey when i was four.
    2. im a skinny white boy, with five tatoos, NO peircings, and one eyebrow.
    3. i once got stuck in the middle of nowhere and went to arbys while i was waiting for "roadside assistance" and got some food and the total was $6.66 and the kid behind the counter was spooked out by me i think.
    4. my other hobbies are music and skateboarding
    5. i once dated a girl for a year, then dated her sister for a year.
    6. if im not blowing glass, im driving a truck delivering food in the city for my pop.
    7. my brush with fame, i played bluegrass with mike gordon.
    8. i forget where i parked all the time.
    9. im right handed but lampwork left handed most of the time.

    (5/19/03 1:11 am)
    Re: 10 things
    I told you to do 20, but 10 is good.

    1. I have 22 tatoos
    2. I got pierced 1000 on dec 1 2002
    3. I tihnk chinese food is the bomb
    4. My first car was a 1980 comero berlinetta
    5. I saw ICP twice last month
    6. I am a computer dork
    7. I own violet, the wunder dawg, she kicks ass
    8. I have 800 watts of Memphis fury in my jeep
    9. Iwas the one who first called Mike Aueralus, Mike Anus
    10. I am very fortunate to have misha as a little sister :-) "I say that the mouffwash "street wine" is the best thang that ever happen to me. Before it was like I be smelling like beer and piss. Now I be smelling like minty piss."

    NO DFX
    (5/19/03 3:12 am)
    Re: 10 things
    1. My first three cars were Dodge Darts
    2. I'm a computer nerd on absent leave (6 months now, less than an hour a day instead of 6-9hrs. a day)
    3. I'm overly mellow and laid back
    4. I Can't Stand Drama!
    5. I played guitar in a band called 'Assless' for 2 years
    6. I procrasitnate like a mofo
    7. My cat Rokki kicks much ass, he fetches, and does tricks.
    8. Virgo, so I'm a Neat Freak, perfectionist
    10. I'm overly addicted to glass. You guys better watch out cause I'm here to stay. And I'm gonna kick ass first and take names's as cocky as I get...But I'm serious. I think I need treatment guys. Anyone know a good addiction therapist? Nate Miers

    Jeff Stairs
    (5/19/03 7:27 am)
    Re: 10 things
    1. I own a saltwater coral reef that *cost more than 3 GTT Pythons...

    2. I have a 900 watt home theatre, 50 inch Mitsu. HD, B+K, Klipsch...* see above line

    3.I got pulled over in Montana doing 120( and thats cause I just slowed down from 150) in my Mustang GT that I built from the ground up, 350 horse, NOS...$70 ticket...

    4. I am very lazy...

    5. I puff enough for 10 ...

    6. I forgive and forget, NO DRAMA PLEASE...

    7. I am not a hippie but I have seen Phish over 100 times, and the Greatful Dead a couple of times...

    8. I blew glass at Further tour 97, made a piece for Chris Robbinson while Bob Weir watched, made various other items for other band members on that tour. PUFFED TOUGH with the Crowes, some of Moe, and others, and got Bob to choke on some local that I had

    9. The person I most admire in life is my Dad....

    10. I love my beautiful Girlfriend more than anything...

    Bubba Oreilly
    (5/19/03 10:06 am)
    Re: 10 things
    1. Married, no kids
    2.Transports O2 bottles in front seat of car.
    3. No tats, no holes and a natural fleshy seperation between 2 eyebrows...which will yeild some hairs more than 2 and 1/2 inches long.
    4. I have a propensity for "bucket caps".
    5. Besides maybe 4 or 6 times a year (fancy eating out nights) I've been wearing pajama bottoms as pants for almost 3 years. They gots pockets, they gotsa fly...days pants to me.
    6.I though "I murder children" was actually a really funny nickname and defended it's use.
    7. I've seen Alice Cooper on 4 tours.
    8. I surf the net on an overclocked AMD built by a buddy and Moded a tiny bit by myself.
    9.Enjoys slowing for tailgaters.
    10. has had "Papa Smurf Ass licking song" stuck in head for 9 weeks.

    Chris Steffens

    (5/19/03 1:03 pm)
    allrighty then
    1. I'm actually 43, and a recovering junkie

    2. Have a lip ring, pierced my upper ear with a thumbtack from the wall and six hours later it turned purple and bent outward at a 90 deggree angle.

    3. Carry oxygen in my backsaet- AND my trunk, 92 maxima

    4. Skateboard, snowboard, and play capoiera (see Eddie from Tekkan)

    5. Favorite band is called "Leftover Crack"

    6. sleeps in my closet (though it's bigger than my old room)

    7. this is tough, don't have a seventh thing

    8. made my first Tobacco Water Pipe out of a alien head pops container and a purple pog tube. Its tight!

    9. scared of glass dildos (theyre the competition, AND they might get lodged in my bum!)

    10. Favorite words are bojangle and brickle. Use them whenever you see necesary

    *(# 1 is a lie! It was funny at the time cause i caused a ruckus being a minor and asking mike fro for lessons)

    (5/19/03 2:15 pm)
    10 Things
    1. I used to downhill ski till the knee injury. Even lived in Park City Utah.
    2. I like riding my Harley 1980 FXS Lowrider!
    3. I belong to the Midwest Vintage Bronco Club.
    4. I have no tatoos unless scars count! I only have 2 stainless screws pierced into the bones of my knee joint.
    5. I enjoy gardening and making Sweet & Hot Pickles as well as Tomato sauces. Oh and fresh herb and spices r the best!
    6. I collect and sell old advertising signs.
    7. I used to hand letter and pinstrip vehicles.
    8. I like to get away and go fishin now and then.
    9. I've seen Led Zepplin live!
    10. I've seen Pink Floyd live twice!


    Herbie Verstinks
    (5/19/03 6:40 pm)
    Re: 10 Things
    1. I'm a mad scientist and I tinker with everything.

    2. I have ADD, OCD, am chronically depressed, and hang out with ODB.

    3. I love motorcycles, and one day I'll have enough dough to purchase several.

    4. I love hiking and doing outdoorsy stuff, which is pretty rare for SoCal.

    5. I am a Theravada Buddhist.

    6. I love radio, especially talk radio.

    7. My favorite TV shows are Southpark, Trigger Happy TV, and until 2002; The Simpsons.

    8. I love cool rainy weather. Pacific Northwest, here I come!

    9. My favorite cuisines are: Japanese, Cajun, and Indian.

    10. I rarely watch movies.

    (5/20/03 3:05 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    1. I have 4 tattoos
    2. 5 piercings
    3. I am learning how to belly dance
    4. I have lost my moonstone earings 6 times now and have recovered them every time(lost them in 3 different states too)
    5.I am mexican and indian but my name is spelt the french way little bro couldnt pronounce my name til he was at least 6
    7. sometimes nothing is my favorite thing to do
    8. I share the same birthday as my grandma
    9.I hate gag me lovey dovey movies
    10. I like to go barefoot as much as possible

    (5/20/03 4:03 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    1. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    2. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    3. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    4. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    5. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    6. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    7. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    8. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    9. Turned down a 2.5hr drive in high school to see a concert in NY because I heard on the news that they wouldn't let you in without a ticket and it would be a bust. Since then I sure wish I went to Woodstock!!

    10. Instead I joined the Marines and stayed for 24.5 years!!!!

    Semper Fi


    (5/20/03 11:44 pm)
    10 things about me 1. im 21 and graduating college in less than a week with a BFA in art education.

    2. i have no idea what to do next

    3. i have been making art my entire life and think glass is the bomb diggityy

    4. the first bong i ever made was out of a 2-liter soda bottle, a peice of a broken fishing rod, a wratchet head bowl, and gum to put it together.

    5. sometimes i think im sort of a hermit.

    6. iv been trying to ride my bike instead of smokin weed.

    7. when i was a sophmore in college i did Semester at Sea and traveled around the world on a cruise ship for 100 days.

    8. im looking for some kind of amazing opportunity to come my way within the next couple months so i can jump on it. anyone?

    9. i spend alot of time on my computer and i collect reggae mp3s, and glass pics of course.

    10. i cannot do needles at all so no tats or peircings. yet i dont really mind burns. i like a little pain with my pleasure.


    brian carignan
    (5/21/03 7:39 am)
    1) I have my tanks delivered.

    2) No needle things here either.

    3) I love model trains.

    4) Tricked out Hondas, civics with pimped acura engines in them.

    5) Brithday is Jan 1st, 1973--don't have the big ears an get crappy birthday presents.

    6) Former Marine, semper fi dude.

    7) Worked at Mcdonalds when I was six-teen for three weeks.

    Howard Stern 'at 6 in the mornin'

    9) Phish

    10) Cute redheads, not the ugly ones...

    (5/21/03 3:39 pm)
    here we be....... 1. My name is Homer, it means "he who brings together"

    2. Robbie Krieger (The Doors) owns a summer house next to my girlfriends parents. I have mowed his lawn, and he has called me "homie"

    3. I was part of an exsperiment to see how easily younger kids (3rd grade) could learn music theory, I now have picky ears, and cant find any decent muscians to jam with.

    4. I grow some of the best in the midwest......(outdoor)

    5. In the summer I make lots of money finding a rare fungus called "morel". I crawl in the woods on my hands and knees to find them, and sell them for $25 a pound. I find about 100 pounds each season.

    6. My dreams often come true with stunning accuracy. not deja-vu, but almost "psychic" dreams.....ask me....

    7. I live in the Mallard Duck Capital of the World!!!!

    8. I am borderline schizophrenic/schizophreniform, I have taken way to many meds, and I hear voices and become wacky without meds......

    9. I love giving females oral pleasure

    10. I also love redhead chicks....real readheads, the curtains have to match the carpet


    (5/21/03 10:24 pm)
    Re: here we be....... 1. My first concert was Queen back in 5/82. I have seen the Dead many times since 6/83[fav venue Alpine Valley.] Saw Phish for the first time in a bar with about 30 or so other people.

    2. Other cool shows I have seen... Arlo Guthrie, Tangerine Dream, CSN, Jethro Tull, Donovan, The Cure, David Cassidy [circa early '70's with my parents], Tenacious D [twice], Hot Tuna, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, The Stones, Little Feat, Radiators, J Geils, Stanley Jordan, The Monkeys [minus Mike Nesmith], Chuck Berry, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, The Suburbs, Lenny Kravitz, Kids in the Hall on stage and I wish I could remember more.

    3. I own an actual copy of Jerry Garcias will [with signature from Marin County Records.]

    4. My dog and cat are named Itchy and Scratchy Respectively. The "r" is capitalized because they're married and thats their last name.

    5. I like to take pictures.

    6. Sometimes I like to take pictures of big things far away. Click Me.

    7. Sometimes I like to take pictures of small things up close. Click Me.

    8. When no one is looking I put on a t-shirt that says, "Nuts for Jesus" and then I steal holy water to cleanse my scrotum in the hopes someday I'll have a gifted child.

    9. Strong coffee in the morning excites my bowels.

    10. Won first place in worst ads placed with ... FOR SALE: One dead dog and half eaten squirrel. Comes as pair. Will cost extra to separate. Serious inquiries only.

    (5/22/03 8:55 am)
    10 things
    1. im a motivated slacker

    2. i have a cat that sneezes and shoots snot at me.

    3. i dont drive a car.

    4. in my teen years i destroyed an entire lot of cars.

    5. i killed a guy once (i think)

    6. i once transported a 100 gallon propane tank on its side in the back of my girlfriends saturn and kept it 5 feet from my bed. i ended up having to move before it was empty, but i didnt want to risk the car thing so i called the company to collect it. the driver turned out to be a fire inspector and he nicely informed me that i was breaking the law and not to do it again. ive been blowing in my parents garage ever since.

    7. i could seriously eat pizza everyday (sushi too)

    8. i love porn.

    9. when i graduate i am going to move to norcal, oregon, or washington.

    10. WEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (5/22/03 12:47 pm)
    I just spent about 2 hours putting thought into and typing a reply to this and it fucking dissapeared. FUCK!!! Life sucks and these goddamn computers ain't making shit any easier. FUUUUUUCK!!

    Oh well.. great topic but I'll be damned if I go through that shit again.. Fucking ezBoard.

    AGA Doug
    (5/22/03 5:53 pm)
    Re: damn..
    I like this topic, not only do the 10 things tell so much, but also which 10 things are shared reveals something also. It's hard to think of 10 that are good... I feel for ya Jude, I've had that happen before. Type out long posts in Word/Notepad and save them, them cut and paste....


    1. I am a fine arts student, that consumes much time.
    2. I worked with a mech engineer and a CS major to design a gravity bong that makes people black out.
    3. cars, love 'em. I drive a moded '00 Grand am GT1 balls to the walls, and I'll take on any Mustang GT to about 1280 feet. I scare my passengers. I am restoring a 1968 Daimler Soverign Limo(Jaguar 420 Salon) for pimping around in.
    4. I've been single since I started working with glass, somewhat by choice.
    5. I'm gifted with mad computer skillz, but despise working in that field, so I don't any more.
    6. I try to remain modest unless asked.
    7. My penis is slightly over 7" long, and has decent girth, I'm not massive, but still no complaints.
    8. I live in a 5 bed room house with one roomate, because we don't have an interest in saving money and blow it all on the rent.
    9. I collect glass art when I have the money.
    10. I'm usually broke, but I like to live like I have it all.

    Um... I'll probably edit these over time....

    lalaland glass
    (5/22/03 6:05 pm)
    I'm a forum junkie.....
    1. I'm adopted and don't want to know where I come from.

    2. I crave change and travel.

    3. 99% of my boyfriends have been younger (up to 11 years younger)

    4. I make kidney stones constantly.

    5. I'm the biggest tomboy I know. (motorcycles, skateboards, etc.)

    6. I always wear purple underwear when I'm selling my work because purple's a wealth color.

    7. When I'm sad I play vinyl albums from my childhood on an old record player I bought at a rummage sale for $8.

    8. I'm old enough to have had crushes on the Hardy Boys, Andy Gibb and Adam Ant.

    9. You either love me or hate me.

    10. I've been fired from more jobs than I can remeber. That's why I work for myself now.

    Harry Paratesteez
    (5/22/03 6:37 pm)
    Re: 10 things o.k

    1. I'm from minnesota and I cant ski, iceskate, snowboard or anything remotely resembling that.
    2. I think god put all the hiar that was suposed to grow on my face on my ass instead.
    3.Im the only person in my immediate family that has my last name,mother,father and all my brother and sisters all have differnt names.
    4.My first concert I rember going to was prince(hey....purple rain was big) if it helps any....eledegly hank williams sr was my actuall first.
    5.I've always done art, I used to draw alot as a kid....and as I got older I got into airbrushing,grafitti,tie-dyes, fimo pipes,neon glass, who knows if this is the end of the line.....
    6.I exagerate alot.....and I have a small dick.
    7.I am soon getting the largest torch I can find to compensate for #6
    8.Eggs kinda freak me out.......I cant really think about it if I eat them.....
    9.Like my man humpty " I once got busy in a burger king bathroom"
    10.I'm pretty much full of shit.


    (5/22/03 8:45 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    1. All the survival skills and practical how-to-make-it -work-with-what you've got, and what to do, life skills that I needed and use to this day, I learned in Girl Scouts....really, this is true.

    2. All the rest of what-not-to-do-in life, I learned after I was requested to leave the Girl Scouts......

    3. I was actually quite attractive when I was your age, but luckily my husband still likes me now.

    4. I always told my kids they could tell me anything....I now know far too much........

    5. Benjamin Franklin was my 10th cousin. Charlemaine is in the family tree as well as Queen Elizabeth, but I still don't see how that does me much good since none of the crown jewels are on my dresser.

    6. I began college (nursing school) when my kids were 2 years old and 2 months old. And I did it all on scholarships and food stamps, graduated with honors and took care of little ones at the same time, so I'm not much up on hearing any excuses on why someone can't do something.

    7. I met my husband in a bar where he was playing music while I was moonlighting at my former occupation(cocktail waitress) for the evening. He liked me cause that wasn't my real job and because I had a sewing machine. I liked him cause he had a cool camper-truck held together with about a million interesting bumper-stickers. I saw the truck outside before I saw him inside, and I knew I would like whoever owned it.

    8. We don't have a living room or a bedroom anymore, we just have one room that we sleep and eat in, cause I threw out the living room furniture, and moved the bedroom into the living room so I could have a room for my glass workshop. Luckily for me Eddie is easy to get along with, cause I did the household rearrangement while he was at work one day. Surprise honey, you're home!!!

    9. I was alive when it was unusual to have 2 holes pierced in one ear, and one in the other. Which of course I did.

    10. Quite often, opinions and pointed words just fall out of my mouth, so I try to keep it shut for the sake of politeness, and I really do not like conflict, I just like to be happy.


    Jeff Stairs
    (5/23/03 6:59 am)
    Re: 10 things Gypsea...I thought you were like 25 or so, then in Henrys class you said glass in 1978!!! I was blown away!!!! You are beautiful inside and out.

    (5/23/03 2:39 pm)
    10 things
    I am from South Africa.
    I am moving to London England in 1.5 weeks.
    I have worked in the restaurant/ Bar Game for 15 Years.
    I never want to work in another restaurant/Bar ever again.
    I want to be a full time glass worker!
    I am married to an amazing women who loves London as much as i do.
    I have sailed across the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, Awesome fun!!
    I once owned my own sailboat in the Caribean (where i lived for a year) but it was sunk in a hurricane.
    I want to buy a small farm outside of London and open a glass studio one day.
    I love birds and want a Malocan Cockatoo when i eventualy settle down.
    I love this Forum because its full of cool, funky people that dig the same thing i do, Glass!!!!!

    brian carignan
    (5/24/03 7:11 am)
    south guy Hey man I worked in the restaurant/bar biz for years also, took one good year of working 28 days a month an lots of saving an denial but you'll get there. Then there was the learning thing. Stay positive.


    (5/26/03 10:43 am)
    Re: 10 things
    1.I met my wife in high school in 85. We've been together ever since.
    2. My dad got me high when I was in the 4th grade. Dear ol' Dad.........
    3. I shave my legs. I do it because of cycling, I swear!!!
    4. I once kicked the shit out of a guy for not tipping at a strip club.
    5. I took out all my piecings (except my large nips, they were my first, I did them over 15 yrs ago). Piecing is WAY!!!!!!! to fucking trendy now.
    6. None of my tattoos are finished (back piece, arms or calf) My best friend is a tattoo artist and is locked down and waiting to go to trial on a fucked up murder charge. It's been 4 1/2 yrs now.
    7. I'll never puff swag!
    8. I'm building up a Hot Rod Vespa p125....75mph on a 10 inch wheel!!!! Italian motor bikes friggin rule!!!!!!!!!!! A Ducati Monster or Aprilia RSV is next on the list.
    9. I sold my harley to a stupid yuppie for 4 times what I paid for it. He said "I'll look bad to the bone on this one"......Stupid yuppies......
    10. I'm a sarcastic redneck mother fucker, too. hehe

    (5/29/03 7:25 pm)
    10 things...
    1. I've been on this board for a long time. Years.
    2. I've been together with my boyfriend for 7 years. 3.We've owned a company together for 5.
    4. I was born on Friday the 13th
    5. I'm 22 but I think I have a few gray hairs
    6. I haven't ate meat in 7 years.
    7. I'm addicted to my bike. I ride 9 miles to work most days.
    8. I pay to much for my car
    9. I love fusing and slumping. My torch misses me.
    10. I once lived in a house that was haunted. For real.


    (5/31/03 3:16 am)
    Re: 10 things... 1. i am very high strung and sometimes i freak out.

    2. i worked taking reservations for 2.5 yrs for super 8. that is where i recieved my love for humanity.

    3. my house burned from the basement up when i was 7. lost everything. enter a passion for fire.

    4. i share a birthday with sarah 420 well the infamous friday the thirteenth part

    5. my chihuaha bred my rotweiler

    6. i live within twenty feet of a gas station, a fitness center, a video rental place, and a electrical substation.
    yet i don't drive, work out, or rent movies. i do get migranes and mood disorders from the electricity.

    7. i just graduated from high school a week ago.

    8. i've read at a college level since seventh grade and failed almost every english and literature class since then.

    9. i hate mosquitoes more than a slug hates salt

    10. tornadoes scare the living shit out of me.


    Eugene Rain
    (6/14/03 1:00 am)
    Re: 10 things...
    some great responses, definetely made me laugh a few times! Any more?

    (6/14/03 5:15 pm)
    Re: 10 things...
    1. i owned a 68 vw bus for 4 years
    2. once had dreads down to my ass
    3. love to snowboard and kayak
    4. obsessed with australian cattle dogs
    5. drink alot of new castle, i think it is giving me tits....
    6. i dont own anything that i made
    7. utica is the armpit of new york
    8. i think kool keith is the shit
    9. havent bought new clothes in 4 years
    10. have never seen the movie "warriors"

    (6/15/03 7:22 pm)
    Re: 10 things...
    Here goes....

    1. I have had 2 cardiac arrests. Dead for many minutes both times.
    2. I used to have other hobbies but the expense of glass blowing limits me to masturbating with noxima on my balls.
    3. I have been with my girl friend for 6 years, and she is tireing of me rapidly.
    4. I dont want to be a weenie and say it but yes i used to have a bad problem with prescription narcotics, but have been clean since oct 2001.
    5. Due to number 4 i am a paranoid skitzy with terrible anxiety. I can no longer smoke erb cause every time i do i wind up in camo hiding under my shed.
    6. Im a kinda buddhist but only seem to practice when times are tuff. Which means im not a buddhist at all.
    7. I have a pitbull named girl whom i love, but hate being attached to.
    8. I like talking dirty to people who dont speak any english.
    9. This message board is defiantly the best thing that has happened to me since i first put noxima on my balls.
    10. I am currently taking penis enlargement medicine not cause i need it but cause i want to make movies.

    By the time you read this i will already be dead. j/k
    your truly
    Karl T

    (6/17/03 4:34 am)
    re: 10 things...
    1.I love bully breeds of dog. Rosie is my americanbulldog/pitbull mix.
    2.I have a 3/4 tattoo sleave, and various other tats. one piercing.
    3.I collect samurai DVDs and I love independant and foriegn films.
    4.I am into quantum mechanics.
    5.I'm a hardcore junglist/drum n' bass head.
    6.I like brunett girls the most, especially if they can belly dance.
    7.I have a green thumb and I own a lot of house plants.
    8.I wish I still had my ghetto-blaster/boombox.
    9.I have really stong teeth.
    10.I like to keep busy by multi-tasking.

    (6/21/03 8:09 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    1/ im 22
    2/ have a tattoo but im working on blacking out alot of my right arm.
    3/ i like to get high an watch BET
    4/ ive snowboarded for 12 years
    5/ hae a few old cars but no money or time to fix them
    6/ can only drink dark beer manily stouts..everything else taste like water with bread floating around in it
    7/ enjoy watching that most extreme elimantion that jappense game show damn its funny
    8/ live in the mnts life is to crazy
    9/ been making art my whole life

    (6/24/03 10:06 am)
    Big 10
    1. I'm 27.
    2. I have a career in magazine writing and editing.
    3. I'm lucky to have a wife who supports my interest in this glass thing.
    4. I'm putting a studio together slowly, piece by piece (I have more than 20 pounds of color but no torch!).
    5. I'm taking a year-long glass study with Steve Sizelove (he helps me melt through all that color).
    6. Excessive promiscuity in my college days has left me forced to use a power transformer and some jumper cables hooked to my prostate to achieve orgasm.
    7. As a result of #6, I'm able to get otherwise stranded motorists back on the highway!
    8. As you may know, male babies are born with chubby, swollen nuts. Mine have yet to shrink.
    9. Sinsemilla.
    10. Bubbler hits and spliffs.

    (6/25/03 2:22 am)
    Re: Big 10
    1) i just graduated friday (june 20th) wow
    2) my pants do hurt
    3)im white (not being racist er anything)
    4)i've been hooked to glass sicne i started
    5)i believe captain moargans can make it happen
    6)my life is just starting (what the hell should i do??)
    7)i work at boston market
    dank, thats all i can say other than blunts...
    9)i like x-box video games, i mean splinter cell is the @#%$!
    10)why not? its a good question to live by....

    I must say, pants do hurt.....

    (6/25/03 11:43 pm)
    Re: Big 10

    lalaland glass
    (6/26/03 12:22 am)
    hey you guys!
    you should put some of this stuff in your profiles.
    It's nice to be able to get an idea of who everyone is.
    Email info would be great on your profiles too.

    Eugene Rain
    (6/26/03 1:53 am)
    Re: profiles!
    comon girl where's yours??

    brian carignan
    (6/26/03 6:18 am)

    She's on page one.

    I'm with the dude about the beasters thing.


    (6/26/03 10:00 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    1.I was born in Corning Ny in 1951
    2.Left home when I was 16
    3.Served my country for 3yrs starting when I was 17
    4. Started blowing glass when I was 20
    5. Got married when I was 23
    6. Adopted two kids Angie and Josh
    7. I now have two wonderful grand daughters
    8. I'm now divorced for 7yrs, @#%$ Happens!
    9. I ride a 1977 Fxe superglide fully restored
    10. And I'm building a new studio for my retirement

    dank dinosaur
    (6/27/03 8:30 pm)
    ten dinosaur favorites
    1. I'm from west virginia and i was raised on a farm
    2. music and dancing are some of my favorites
    3. I got a dog named Monsta he's a rott and begal mix but he just looks like an old hound dog I love this dog verry much he keeps me going when i don't feel like waking up in the mourning he makes me smile.
    4. Glass i have been spinning for over a year now I love working with glass I used to draw much more than i do now I have always loved to do creative things but untill glass none of those things allowed me to support my self. Through glass i have been blessed and i thank jah(i'm not really religious but i think the 12 tribes rasta's have a good outlook and every ocupation needs a patron saint so hallie sallasie might watch out for the pipe makers. ) very time i turn my gas on
    5. my peoples art and links and stuff
    6. Aggresive in-line (rollen) skate boarding snowboarding freestyle walken freestyle talken and all the other fast ass jive that go's with it.
    7. I'm single and i don't care I pretty much go out every night with my glass so unless she really likes to watch or make glass i don't know if it would work my last girlfriend was a pain in the ass, "All you do is sit at home and blow glass, I want to go out, Ya ay ya yada...." I guess you could say i'm an introvert becouse i kinda live in my own world.
    8. I'm a student at West virginia University with 3 years worth of credits and no major.
    9. I want to learn more aboult everything.
    10. I try really hard to be a helpfull and kind person.

    this list can change from day to day as i'm often moody
    d. dino

    Eugene Rain
    (7/21/03 10:42 pm)
    Re: ten dinosaur favorites
    I Liked 8 the best dino man, had me rolling.

    (7/22/03 11:05 am)
    powers of 10
    1. Born in the desert, grew up in a 67' VW splitty camper van
    2. Became conscious of conscious-ness ate age 2 under the drafting table of an artist of painting, sculpture and architecture. where i remember the image of a gnome blowing glass, heavy influence.
    3. Nearly blew my arm off at age seven while making a home made explosive with a friend. fell in love with the pyro side of life
    4. 23 years of little rain
    5. worked in a neon shop doing grunt stuff for a brooklyn italian catholic that does not eat cheese. learned a lot though
    6. Drive a dark green VW karman ghia that has a very stubborn attitude. needs bondo
    7. started working glass 7 years ago in an 8' by 8' tuff shed. with three people for two years. grew out of that!
    8. now work in a large studio with a beautiful group of artists of all sorts.
    9. college student majoring in sculpture and studio arts,minor in metal casting. sooo close to completion.
    10. I love what i do

    great thread!

    (8/2/03 3:23 am)
    Re: powers of 10
    hey dank dino i have a chica just like that now shes like is this all we are doing tonight and i am like yeah making glass is what its about,


    (8/2/03 9:19 pm)
    new guy's ten
    1) Just spent my first summer in Arizona. 17 straight days in June over 110 F

    2) lived in Mexico on Baja for 11 months last year (hardly any spanish)($230 a liquid tank) ouch

    3) Been charged with manufacturing and distribution of paraphenalia on an intrestate device. all clean glass driving through Utah.

    4) Been known to frequent a rainbow gathering or two (definitely not this year in Utah)

    5) Was standing on the Crush's door banging and waiting for 3 hrs day of the raids. Lucky they weren't on the list and had just left scared.

    6) have a 1.6 lb Chihuaha with white and black cow spots. (little alfred)

    7) Dropped out of SDSU to become a door to door salesman. Thankfully my homey let me hop on his torch. Thanks and much love to ray and glassworx's
    Oh memories

    been pissing in a cup in front of some pig once a week for 6 months, with no end in sight. even checking for alcohol (refer to #3)

    9) once convinced a border crossing cop/inspector that a box full of chillum's were actually small hand sculptures that you would squeeze when you are stressed out. Said they could withstand like 1600 lbs of pressure and the bowl and bowl hole was were it would sit on it's stand. He said "but don't you think that some kid could put a joint or something in the hole." I said "what's a joint" and was on my way into sunny CA. I guess i just look trust worthy with size 3 guaged ears and a fat "pyro" tatoo on my forearm.

    10) currently a student @ ASU and thankful every day when i get to hop on my torch, even if my pipe and tube days are currently on hold. (refer to 3 and

    (8/5/03 10:02 am)
    Re: 10 things my name is Daniel here are my ten
    1: I'm black(screw P.C i hate the term African American) even though I don't look like it, most people think I'm Greek
    2:I grew up as the only black kid in the town I lived in
    3:I don't like most foreigners(not because they are different but because they don't know how to drive).
    4:I don't like most hippies(at least the ones that don't have anything between their ears)
    5:I go to chrch not church
    6:I knew my wife for years before we got together. my car blew up and she drove five hours to come and get me thats how we got together. any woman willing to drive that far to help you is a keeper.
    7:I love coffee
    8:I drive a 77 jacked up 4x4 pickup complete with gun rack
    it's a throw back from living in the mountains.
    9:I like to eat in truck stops
    10:my wife calls me a dredneck(a hibred dredie redneck my dreds cover the red most the time.

    (8/15/03 2:11 pm)
    i'm diving in! here's my ten(so far!)

    1. i have been self employed since i quit college....doing over 20 different types of art/craftart.
    2. i was married once-underneath too oak trees that started to grow together- we read Kahil Gibran to eachother
    3. i'm truly a painter at heart, but i only do that as a hobby.
    4. my ultimate dream is to start and umbrella non-for profit organization that helps individuals become self sufficient through arts and craftart....its called White Buffalo Industries Incorporated (W.e B. I. & I.)...the paperwork is being drawn up soon...... PRAY FOR US!
    5. i've lived in three states, travelled across the country at least 6 times (on wheels!), been to one of the seven wonders of the world (foz da iguazu, brazil) and was born in costa rica (lived there 13 years!)
    6. i have a global family
    7. i first read my mom her tarot when i was 6 years old, i did
    her divine triangle numerology when she was forty something, i was 19...the first "thing" that i ever made was a crystal wand (copper, diamontina singing quartz, and an azurite nodule) i'm never mystified.
    8. eight? eigth? ummmmm i forget what eight was for...well the sun does rotate in an elliptical fashion.......
    9.i'm mayan indian (1/8 blood, 100% spirit)
    10. i practice the "flower of life mer-ka-ba" meditation often!!!
    11. hee hee had to! ultimately theres only 5 words in the human language....coming from the mayan 7th clan of the manu (the hand) they are Love, Light, God, One, All.
    unless you are polarized or sumthing!

    best wishes!~

    (8/15/03 2:54 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    1.i hate sand
    2.i love steak
    3.used to be a tagger rather eat puss than be pleasured myself also rather eat sushi than be pleasured myself
    6.i love pleasuring myself lil boy is the cutest thing ive ever seen
    8.i dont smoke weed but make pipes
    9.i was once a semi pro snowboarder in mammoth till i got my 7th concussion and the doc told me to stop
    10.i live in humboldt county...but dont smoke weed

    (3/12/04 5:34 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    Bump it before it goes away

    (3/12/04 6:36 pm)
    Re: 10 things 1. im 23 i got a beautiful 3 yr old daughter who is my #1
    2. im super mellow till ya push them buttons then its on..
    3. im the sexiest chubby dude in town 4 sure..
    4.ive got several crazy x girlfriends and ,1 psychotic x stripper i been with for over a yr and a half.i call her CRAZY DAZE..
    5. besides bein a strait up hussla, im a 4 wheeler and snomobile junkie.
    6. i get the bomb everything.i smoke way 2 much of the finest NL HAZE.
    7.i own enough assault rifles and ammunition to start a small militia
    8.i drive a ford expedition and i got a 2700$ kicker stereo ,it hits like whoh!
    9.a lot of the peeps i know dont even know where i live,cause their so fukin shady..
    10. i run several buissinesses that all do well in their own way..

    (3/16/04 6:29 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    Sorry peeps, i tried to narrow it down and 25 was the best i could do.

    1 I went to my first underground party at a HUGE warehouse in Queens NY in new years eve of 1994 and met my best friend Dave that day/night. We've been tight since.

    2 I have done lots of drugs of all kinds (no heroin) mostly at old school underground parties

    3 I joined the army in time of war (desert storm)

    4 I watched as all my friends turned into DJ's but somehow managed not to turn into one myself.

    5 i love to dance good Deep HOUSE and i am good at it.

    6 I am a religious pothead. In fact I have *fired* 3 of my nug dealers for being unreliable...No joke! They never saw another dime from me!

    7 Somehow i ended up with a high end tech job at a big Co. People think that i have a real job but i dont think so.

    8 I often give people the wrong impression of who i really am. This is not intentional.

    9 I like handguns and small arms, but i dont own any and I would never hurt a fly.

    10 I was born in the caribean

    11 I am often generous when i should be selfish and sometimes the other way around.

    12 I only say things that i think are important enough to be said. As a result, i am quiet most of the time.

    13 I dont care about cars or sports as much as other guys do.

    14 I enjoy ignoring the popular and conducting myself in unexpected ways.


    16 I never watch TV, its a waste of time.

    17 I am a morning person. I wake up much earlier than i have to because i absolutely hate rushing in the morning.

    18 I think slow drivers are the root of all road rage and should be fined accordingly.

    29 I love the sound of music soundtrack.

    20 I grew up in 3 different countries

    21 I think in 2 different languages

    22 Im one of the only straight guys i know who can have fun in a gay bar.

    23 The only big band i have seen live is U N D E R W O R L D and since that will never be topped, why bother trying.

    24 While some other men pay to get a hardon (Viagra) I'd pay to never have one again. (yes you read right and there is no typo) and no im not gay.

    25 I chose the red pill!
    (3/16/04 11:14 pm)
    Re: 10 things
    Sorry, but ten's an unlucky number for me, so I'll have to do thirteen.....

    1. I died when I was twelve, but woke up in the hospital where I stayed tied up to a medival toture device for nine more weeks, then tortured in physical therapy for the next year to learn to walk again. Decide then that life's only purpose was to gather memories that you can take with you when you begin your journey on the otherside.

    2. Became very rich at seventeen due to court settlement, got kickked out of highschool same year for selling LSD. (they said I was head of a drug ring, but really I was just having fun with my friends.) Went to an art school after that so it really was a blessing of some sort.

    3. Left collage less than a month to from graduation to find out what the real world looked like.Hitch hiked across the country six times to make sure I could remember what it looked like.

    4. Am still married (as far as I know) to my highscholl sweethart because I refuse to pay for the divorce again after giving her the money to take care of it. We havn't seen each other in over 10 yrs. She told me to go find myself, and I got lost somewhere along the way. OH Well....

    5. Discovered a group of people as lost as me (rainbow gatherings) and decided to hang out with them non stop for three or four years.

    6. The only time I'm really comfortable in a crowd is when my mind is so gone that everyone looks like they are held up by puppet strings. (actually, that's when I do my best vending.)

    7. Only saw Jerry play once(95), but have been a devoted Deadhead ever since.

    8. Only thing that keeps me from being lost now is my son.

    9. Drove a phsycadelic school bus across the country hoping to find my way home, got lost because the map was upside down.

    10. Am forever addicted to the yellow lines flashing by on the highway, only time I feel totally comfortable with my existence is when I'm travelling around the country aimlessly.

    11. Oh Ya, Me and my son (4 yrs old) are going on the road this summer to do an art project togethor cald "land that I love" a photo essay of all the great things we do when we get lost.

    12. My first memory as a kid (4 or 5issh) is hitchhiking through the desert with my dad, I think we were lost.

    13. I'm broke now, but not as broke as I've been before and I refuse work more than I have to. Amazingly, every time I need money, it manifest itself somehow. When it comes to understanding finances, I am lost.

    (3/17/04 3:48 pm)
    Re: 10 things Okay so...
    1. I am a 23 yr old married female.
    2. I LOVE the ocean, and the way the waves tickle my toes.
    3. I am pregnant and think that it is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever been through.
    4. Non family related, I have loved three men very deeply throughougt my life.
    5. Only one of them has truly loved me in return.
    6. Magick facinates me, I would like to know more about it.
    7. I think that old men are so cute (like teddy bears).
    8. I rarely get a hangover.
    9. Sometimes I am dissapointed over how small the world really is.
    10. But then I think of all there is that is other than this world and I am blown away.

    (3/19/04 9:08 am)
    Re: 10 things
    hotglassrookie??? no boners???????????????? hangin out in gay bars??????????????????? Meeting your best friend Dave at a underground party was #1??????????????????????????? Like to dance??????????????????????????? Keep saying "I'm not gay"???????????????????

    Dude..... you're gay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that there's anything wrong with it. "There were a couple of women I should have screwed that I didn't, there were a couple of ramps I wish I had hit a bit faster. But apart from that, I have had a good life." Evel Knievel

    (3/19/04 10:57 am)
    Re: 10 things i guess i could see what hotglassrook was implying.

    he dont want boners no more, cause sumtimes they arrise unexpectidly, and maybe he likes hangin out in gay bars ,but he keeps gettin an unexpected bone everythime hes their . now everyones thinkin hes a raging flamer. walkin around a gay bar with a boner.

    wait.. he does rage the flame so he is a raging flamer, WAIT your all raging flamers.

    im outta here,.

    (3/20/04 8:00 am)
    Re: 10 things oh oh..

    peeps, dont take it the wrong way k.. i was just pissed at my now ex girfriend when i wrote that.

    and about the gay bar,.. i have been in the past long ago and had a decent time (without a hardon!)

    If gay means that you are sexually attracted to people of the same gender as you then i dont qualify to be gay. I am not attracted to men in the least bit. And you are right, there is nothing wrong with being gay. so there is no reason to deny it if you are anymore.

    If gay means you like to dance and you have a best friend and you like a place without the meat market feel to it .. well, then i guess im gay.

    make your own judgement.

    i didn't mean to start any confusion... despite the impression, there is no confusion here.

    hope this helps.

    (3/20/04 9:20 am)
    Re: 10 things
    sumone sounds confused?
    maybe u should ask the hass what he thinks
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    Default Re: 10 Things

    10 things--

    1. I am married to my Jr. High, High School and College sweetheart. (no I don't have three wives )

    2. I love energy healing, meditation, Astral Travel and most New Age things.

    3. I am into most outdoor sports, but mostly hiking, whitewater kayaking and rafting. I used to be really into rock climbing. I downhill ski quit a bit (the ski resort is 15 minutes from here).

    4. I am a pretty decent slackliner. (my record is 33 times back and forth across a 45 ft line- and then a friends kid came over and I lost my concentration)

    5. I am an environmentalist and consider the well being of our environment a major concern.

    6. I am lazy

    7. I am not afraid to die (I do it every night), but I am afraid of missing out on the rest of this particular life.

    8. I play the didjeridoo

    9. I like Texas Hold'em poker

    10. I've learned that the best way to get a deal at a bar in a foreign country is to say that you are a Grad student at Stanford and as your final project (thesis) you have decided to write a guide book about bars and nightclubs of the particular country you are in. Of course you can't afford to pay at all of the places you have to go to. Believe me...every bar owner wants to be in a guide book so you will get free drinks all night. Just be sure to skip out before he starts asking too many questions.

    This is fun


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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Yay! our first new 10 things! I love this thread, it's too bad most of it got lost in the ezboard fall, but this is a good place to start over!

    Do you have sleep apnea or something?

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    I've gotten into this schedule of late to bed late to rise....It's a hard one to break for some reason. I guess that is what happens when you don't go to a real job in the morning.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1 My first name isn't actually Jack

    2 I can't fall asleep without a TV on if I am sleeping at home.

    3. If I had the $$ and the skills to do it I would be a professional poker player and blow glass as a hobby.

    4 I am a recovering crystal meth addict (2 yrs 1 month 9 hrs 8 min and 37 seconds)

    5 I have sole custody of my son who is 12

    6 I met my girlfriend of a yr and a half online(not thru a dating site) and have been looking at rings

    7 If I don't get enough coffee in my system I am NO fun (prolly something to do with the ol meth thing)

    8 I used to spend a great deal of time seeking the approval of others because I didn't approve of myself

    9 I am closing on a house

    10 I am opening a school in a warehouse space in the late spring. If I'm lucky maybe some of the kind folks at this forum will come thru for guest spots and teach. Hell; maybe some of the newbies will even take classes from me

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Yeah I will teach i/o onies and spoons at your spot...

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Im not actually going to be giving instruction in pipe making or selling them publicly either.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Okay, I'll do ten more if that is allowed (I am trying to avoid cleaning the house).

    1. I understand that it is better to keep my mouth shut and let people think that I am stupid, rather than open it and remove all doubt.

    2. But that doesn't stop me from opening it.

    3. I have been collecting and reading Louis L'Amour books since gradeschool. I finally bought the last one about 3 months ago. I think I have like 130 or 140 of them. They're all the same after a while. "Cowboy fights outlaws and wins girl in the midst of it all". But damn, I just like them.

    4. My wife is way smarter than I am. I think she got straight A's from kindergarten through college with the exception of 2 or 3 B's.

    5. As a result, she is my sugar momma and I blow glass.

    6. I love hammocks, but I don't have a nice one (I only have a small backpacking one).

    7. I know just enough about mixed martial arts to get my assed kick in a fight. You know what I mean. The guy that pulls out his sick moves, but gets his head punched in in the mean time. But luckily I'm not a fighter. I'd rather talk myself out of it anyday. Or just let people think I'm a pussy. My face is too pretty to get F'd up over some drunk ass.

    8. My last job was extremely interesting. I was in Crisis Intervention and Transporting. In fact I may have taken some of you younger folks to a program. Basically I showed up in a kids bedroom at about 3 am, woke him up and took him to a program (rehab, boarding school, desert boot camp, pych hospital, etc.). I have been in many fights (me restraining them, and them trying to kill me) because of this job. And let me just say that there are some big strong 17 year old kids out there. Especially when they are still high when you show up. I traveled all over North America for this. But I had to quit. It was too hard when I had to take someone somewhere that I didn't think really needed to go. Some of the parents were the ones that needed to go instead of the kid. (the worst was when kids got sent away for a year because the parents found a joint) But some kids really really did need the help.

    9. Napolean Dynomite is exactly what my school was like.

    10. I used to do a lot of things really well. Now I just talk about how cool I was.

    Now I am going to have to find something else to do to avoid cleaning the house (I told you I'm lazy)
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    Default Re: 10 Things

    9. Napolean Dynomite is exactly what my school was like.

    I am Bubs Dynamite...

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    lol.... funny how context changes things.....

    Doug Harroun
    Greymatter Glass
    Albuquerque, NM
    (505) 884-0318

    A̿̐͒ͥ̏̅͋ͤͮ́́̒͢͏̨͙̩̦͔̫̠̲̤ͅ ̑ͨ̎͆͐̉̍̐ͤͮͨ͐̇ͩͦ̏ͣ̚͏̷̶̭̝̠͓̞̱̭̫͙̜̮̫͔̤̱͕͢b̓̓ͭ̿̓ͥ̐̒͂͂ͧ ̡̓͋̐ͥ҉̧̹͎̺̳̩̬̘̯̮̜̼̻͝ͅē̵̹̯̦̟͔͊̓̔͗͊̀͆͗̀ͭͭ̀̇͋͋ͩ̓̓͞͞͞ ̘̰̘͈a̧̹͙͇̫̲̻̳̦̦͛͑͂̌̊́̌̂̅ͤ̿͠ͅų̷̶̡̺̤̳͐̂ͣ̋̀ͅͅt̍̀͋̽͗̚ ̶͎͎̳̤͈̘̞͕̣̲̣̼͙͎̬̪̜͎̯ͤ̃̈́ͬͧ͒͟͞͝͡iͪ̋̌̄̎ͪ́̚҉̶̰͎̣̥͉̙̘̬͝ ͍͈̻̻f̡̟̤̥̝̞̈̋ͧͮ̂ͣͬͨ͆͊̌̇ͨ̚͠͞u̵ͥͦ̑ͧ̆͂͐̊̏̍̋̓͗ͭͫ͆́̃͊͘̕ ̛̱̳͓̠͖̕ḹ̢̧̦̬̲̟̳̉ͯͫ̊̏ͪͫ͝ͅ ̵̺̫͙̗̦̠̯̞̫̪̩͐ͭͮ̏̓͒̏͊͋̚̚͘ͅḧ̨̛̭̼̘ͤͥ̿ͫ̊ͦͧͮͮ̀̓̔͌̉̓̀̀͡ ̺͚e̷̦̤̘̯͎̜͇͚͔̱̙͖ͪ͛ͤͮͬ͆͆̾̾͂̑͆̓͜ȧ̴̋ͨ͂ͣͬ̓̆͐̾̿̐̃̒͊͌́͝ ̷͇̮̙̗͉͍r̵̜̰̣̫͙̦̻̖͕͎̘̲̗̘ͦ̋̑̀̌̎̓ͭ̚͞tͨ̅̇͛ͫͫ̆ͪ̌͋ͩ̉ͯ͊͌̌ ̴̨̢̭͚̳̦͖̻̮̬̣̮̟͓͉̪͈̍ ̷̷̫̬͈͓̞͈̞̬̹̟̯͚̹͇̩̏͋ͬ̍͛̎̑̄̽ͦ̆̔̈́̀͆ͩ̓


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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. i use to windsurf pro at the age of 15

    2. i broke my leg in 7 places and my foot ended up by my knee. it was nifty trick

    3. had around 56 broken bones.

    4. im almost 100% blind in one eye and i think the whole depth perception thing is a crock of shit for lazy pussys that like to whine alot

    5. i have lived on my own since i was 17.

    6. sadly my last 5 girlfriends were met on the internet and would you believe all oh them were bipolar, i think im onto a trend here

    7. i paint custom cars for a living

    8. im 60% deaf. damn drs and their crappy surgery techs

    9. i have a chocolate lab that i thought looked the color and like a pile of shit laying on the floor when she was a puppy so her official name is " hershey poo squirts" but we call her poo

    10. as of last night i am fuckin single again woot woot thank god that shit is over with

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    hmmmm i guess ill try

    1.there are 2 of us, jeff and cristi, when we met, jeff was engaged. now we are married to each other....

    2.because nobody likes either of us

    3.we have 2 kids, ( 4 and 1) both of wich skateboard...the baby's just learning...we do too, and a bullmastiff named miss bella (yea were dorks)

    4.we're 25 and 24, both used to be fiends as well(no, not while we had the children). now were vegan (fuckin vegetarians) and so are our kids...and yes we ARE all very healthy. except jeff because hes a smoker

    5. the 4 yr old is not jeff's kid but his dad decided hed rather be a stupid hippie instead of a father so he became jeff's

    6. we're not hippies, but i will admit that i used to do tour (sweetpea)... we were, however, both squatters for years (until the cops threatened to take the kid).

    7. cristi quit smoking after 14 years of smoking a pack a day (yea, i started lots of things at a very young age)....its been almost 5 months...yeah!!!

    8. we are homeschoolers(montessori style) because we are both poster children for the evils of the public schooling system (very high iq's very low grades) and believe that public schools focus on very few skills, mainly taking tests and memorization, instead of exposing children to a multitude of skills to find out what they are good at

    9. one time i got into a fight with sol in santa cruz and threw all of his stuff out of the van like the emotional woman i was at the time (my sons dad just left me). we love him though, even though he is a hippie, and he taught us how to play with glass....weve only been doin it for like 6 months...

    10. if you want to get rid of us, put the dead or phish in and we will clear the room quickly(i guess we just overkilled it as kids.) we do love music though. mostly hiphop, punk and reggae. or start talking about religion. we are both very spiritual, but have a problem with organized religion

    ok now im done.....

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    ...can you do the same thing with the myth of the perfect burner thread that RAM started?
    it would be nice if you could. keep it original

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    isn't it in the faq room?

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Quote Originally Posted by PyroChixRock
    isn't it in the faq room?

    ...its in the torch room but its not the old thread.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1) Name's Jim

    2) Very laid back semi-recluse & generally happy to just stay in my own world most of the time

    3) Did 4yrs hard time in the USAF, but @least they let me hang out in Germany the whole time (w/o wars & hostile assignments to worry about) done w/ that mess since 2000

    4) Married to my highschool sweetheart since Dec 2003

    5) own a TV but never use it. Overcame that addiction late 2003. am so much happier without my daily programming & have so much more time

    6) have 3 dogs, all shetland sheep dogs; no kids

    7) Have a "real" job as a tech at a motorola repair shop. Wish I didn't have to pimp myself out to da man but unfortunately, @this stage in my life, I see no alternative. Current deal's 10hrs of my life per weekday in return for keepin the mortgage paid & my glass studio (workshop) growing

    8) spiritually oriented, religiously repulsed, don't believe in imposing views on others

    9) college (physics major) dropout w/ 2 semesters to go, but not before taking an offhand glass class which got me looking into lampworking (thought of glassin @home, a dream realized in 2004)

    10) Never met another lampworker, but that'll change this august @AGI06!!!

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    It will be hard to do this without mixing up Andy and my stuff...

    1a. I lived in 8 different places before out of high school cause my mom got married and divorced a lot.
    1b. Andy on the other hand lived in the same town until he left home.

    2a. I have a wicked step mother that regularly makes me feel like a pile of shit even though I try to convince myself that I am a grown up now.
    2b. Andy's parents were divorced and then re married...

    3a. I used to write (have been published), paint, sculpt & draw constantly. Went to college with a major in creative writing and a minor in art.
    3b. Now I do none of that and Andy blows glass....

    4a. I am very sarcastic, but hold my tongue a lot cause I don't want people to take me wrong. Especially on the internet cause you can't see my grins!
    4b. Andy takes me wrong a lot....I'm good at hurting his feelings...

    5a. I love traveling and road tripping have been doing it since I was little
    5b. When I met Andy he had never left Minnesota

    6a. I am often hard on myself and dislike myself, but I know what I need to change and am just to lazy to do it
    6b. Andy just tells me he loves me how I am. (I tell him to stop being selfish, it's not about you )

    7. Andy and I were neighbors in Minneapolis for over a year before we met. I met his roomates before him cause in his mind he didn't need any more friends. We lived together ever since.

    8. Andy and I were together for 7 years and 2 children before we got married.

    9a. I grew up with a mom who only listened to show tunes. So technically I have only been listening to good music since college....therefore I can not name anyone, any song name, any album name and sometimes any band name.
    9b. Andy's dad has been in the same band for 20 years and used to wake Andy up at 3 in the morning and make him go in the basement and listen/play music/guitar. Andy has played guitar for 14 years, his brother plays guitar and his dad still plays guitar. Andy names all the people, bands, albums, songs for me

    10. My desk is a mess, my house is a mess, my brain is often a mess, my basement is a mess and my garage is a mess. But I am sitting on this computer typing this instead of cleaning any of that. The mess drives me absolutely crazy, yet I do nothing about it (maybe I just need a psychiatrist instead of a be continued)

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    i like this thread cos im nosey
    so umm.....hey baby, wanna BUMP????

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    I guess Ill update my 10 things list, so here goes:

    1) I like to drink ayahuasca in the amazonian rainforest with my teacher and good Friend Juan. I drink it for the science of it and for the healing it provides.

    2)I love to play with yo yos.

    3)I can solve the rubiks cube in less than 2 minutes.

    4)I own a cruiser bucycle with ape-hanger handlebars and a three speed internal gear hub. It has an old school roller brake as well.

    5)I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tounge.

    6)I think I have found my soulmate.

    7)I have been witness to a real live exorcism.

    8)I've killed a chicken with my bare hands, and then ate it after it was cooked.

    9)I like to go to ragga-jungle and drum'n'bass events.

    10)I have had more than one out of body experience.
    Last edited by JTGlass; 02-09-2006 at 09:20 PM.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    ok i got to do another one, just cause im sauch a dork so there you go
    1. i am probably the biggest dork you have/will ever met/meet
    2. i talk alot of shit and get myself in trouble a whole lot, normally without even knowing it
    3. if this forum were a drug, i would be in BIG trouble
    4. i like my oatmeal lumpy
    5. i am 5 inches taller than my husband... but he is scarier because he has short man complex
    6. i hate the smell of artificial grape with a smells like gastritis, if you've had kids, you know what im talkin about
    7. peole say my dog smells like boiled chicken, but i dont know what that smells like, so ill just believe em (i think its when she has gas)
    8. most people think im super nice and uppity when they meet me, i dont know why cos im pretty anti-social
    9. my kid yells at me and puts me in time out on a reular basis...and i listen....but i dont know why cause i dont do that stuff to him
    10. my mother, though i love her, looks, talks/sings, and has the same mullet as rod stewart did in the 80's............shhhhh! dont tell her that!

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