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Thread: 10 Things

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. Mensa member - passed the test, never been to a meeting
    2. Took 2 years of Japanese language in high school (still can't speak it)
    3. Still have my first car - 1974 VW Super Beetle
    4. I prefer to pick my nose rather than blow it
    5. Studied architecture in college - even got the degree thingy
    6. I have a bone-scar on my forehead from hitting my head at age 2
    7. Stuck a 9V battery to my braces in jr. high school. Received $5 for the light show
    8. Have played cello, saxophone, and bass guitar - none professionally
    9. Used to eat my fries with mustard
    10. Married almost 6 years, 2 girls, a boy, 3 dogs, 4 cats, a betta fish, two aquatic frogs, and a white pigeon.


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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1) Been an amputee since i was 16 ( never suppose to walk again)
    2) Had cancer twice and Im still here ??
    3) Still fighting for my "green card" in this state..And NO Im not an illegal...
    4) Love my Galaxie for Big Pimpin on Saturday nites...
    5) I have had everything stolen from me and I still refuse to quit this medium.
    6) Was a 16 yr veteran of the HVAC wars...retired now.
    7) Currently remodeling my home . Along with 2 other business's (time ?) I still get on the torch 'bout 20 hours plus per week.
    8) Fell in lust over another Mod.. (sorry no hints here as I like my face the way it is..)
    9) My girl friend now thinks I'm crazy...
    10) 18 plus tattoos and more coming...
    Ras for a reason...

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. I am a refrigeration and controls tech by day
    2. I had cancer when I was fifteen
    3. I moved to Washington to be closer to my daughter
    4. I am missing my last two fingers on my right hand
    5. I was in a fire and had 3rd and light 4th degree burn over 25% of my body
    6. I have no thyroid
    7. I have a degree in electrical engineering
    8. I build most everything
    9. I am a cheap bastard
    10. I love Acapella music


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    lil' rhody. i know it's small, but it's the motion of the ocean state that matters!
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    Default Re: 10 Things

    very well then..

    uno: i belong to Grundle Nation, it's a way of life, google that shit if your curious.
    dos: i'm a ginger and believe it's my duty to promote the expansion of the red head empire.
    tres: i absolutely adore making people smile, often at my own expense.
    cuatro: i read anything and everything that has words on it that i see.
    cinco: i love the grateful dead.
    seis: i play multiple instruments.
    siete: i was a fine art major before i dropped out..
    ocho: i'm a buddhist.
    nueve: i don't speak much spanish.
    diez: sometimes i stand over your bed while you're sleeping breathing heavy wearing nothing but that funny phone sweater..
    once: i can't count.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1) I am one of the FEW men that are actually happily married (really, and no my wife won't read this).

    2) I have a 12 year old son, he is AWESOME and is my fishing buddy!

    3) I love anything mechanical... Street rods, old chevy trucks and IH Cub Cadets (CC_Bob = Cub Cadet Bob, not for the CC torch but I have one too).

    4) I used to believe in God, when I was like 6.

    5) I have a problem with telling people the truth when I should really lie, just ask my wife.

    6) I am a programmer and I love my job, but I'd rather be rich.

    7) I like fishing, we have 3 ponds on our property, and we go fishing a lot of other places (local) in the summer.

    8) I love SCI-FI!!! StarGate is my favorite show of all time.

    9) I hate money, only because i never have enough.

    10) I believe there IS life outside of our solar system.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    here goes!

    1. My 13 year old is teaching me to hunt
    2. I must get my Neil Young fix on a regular basis
    3. 4 herniated discs in my neck
    4. I can't grasp that I can't make everyone happy ALL THE TIME!
    5. I love to ride my ATV.
    6. I love working with metal
    7. If I was bitch on TV, I'd have to say I'm most like Carrie Heffernan, wah!
    8. I make jewelry, but NEVER wear it
    9. I love cowboys
    10. If I'm not rockin' out when I'm melting, or hammering metal, then nothing ever comes out right!
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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. I like to play poker
    2. I traveled the country on freight trains from 1997-2000
    3. I spent several months in the woods of Kentucky "trying to
    survive off the land" (I brought 1 lb of beans and rice with me)
    4. I had my son in 2001
    5. I had my daughter in 2005
    6. I owned the best club in the world (trainhoppers) 2001-2003
    7. Someday I will throw a huge festival in Oklahoma
    8. I read alot
    9. I am teaching my 7 yr old son to melt glass
    10. I cant wait for IGI and I hope to meet a bunch of you there!!!

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. I believe in true love, second chances, and the wisdom of kindness.
    2. I listen to way too much Red Hot Chili Peppers...just ask my kids.
    3. I am lucky to be alive (LOTS of very close calls and scary stuff).
    4. I'm blessed with an incredibly darling husband (DH), two very intelligent high-maintenance kids, and Ivy the Wonder Dog.
    5. I'm learning to make kombucha.
    6. I'm a DIY kind of girl - we grow our own veggies and fruits, we make our own soap, and because my DH and son are allergic to wheat and corn, I make all of our baked goods (bread, pizza, cookies, muffins, etc.) from scratch. And it's really GOOD!
    7. My DH and I eloped to Carmel, CA because I refused to get married in Fresno, CA.
    8. Marbles are more fun to pull out of the kiln than are beads - I don't have to clean them!
    9. I don't understand why some women get excited over Manolo Blahnik shoes. I get excited over glass and silver. And my DH.
    10. I'm addicted to anime and manga.
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    Christine Hansen

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. My Daughter turned 6 yesterday (3/25/09)
    2. HR Giger is my freakin hero
    3. My hot button is politics
    4. A safety break is good for disabling my hot button
    5. I drive a '01 Crown Victoria P71 ex police car, its a lotta fun
    6. I lived in Silverthorne Colorado in '99, desperately want to move back
    7. I kissed the Blarney stone. It was a wet one as it was raining that day
    8. I climbed Mt Elbert twice, 14,443 ft, by Leadville Co. Its my place of Zen.
    9. 2002 Rainbow Gathering was the best time of my life. Where's my Turtle Soup Family at? Shout out!
    10. I dont know what I like more, guns or fun-mobiles (motorcycles, atv's, boats, etc)...we'll call it a tie. Oh and alcohol, all in one fantastic package.

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    Don't fuck up the 'honey hole'


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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1) i have always wanted to be a boxer, except i'm a four eyes and kind of a pussy; even though i think about it seriously sometimes, i have never put on a pair of gloves.

    2) i love tobacco which means i hate myself.

    3) after a short period of years where i took the practices professionally, i no longer drink alcohol or take hallucinogenics. except . . . . well, there are exceptions.

    4) in the late 80's, as a kid, i taught sunday church school. in 1993 i spoke in tongues, writhing on the floor next to a man with a full back tattoo of jesus in a bed of marijuana. in 1994 i was hunted by an angel who finally caught up to me on a greyhound bus, he wore all white and ate sausages he said were from a dumpster, he told me none would be spared and that my path was marked. in 1999, i left my body via DMT and saw god; i said i was scared, he said 'my shield protects you'. in 2004, closer to the edge of the human mind than i have ever been, i told god that i would sacrifice my life to be a glass craftsman of skill; he said, 'done'.

    5) i owned a head shop in boulder, colorado before i stared lampworking called happy harold's glass warehouse. i sold pipes and had a snack bar that served soggy sandwiches, hemp ice cream and fifty sacks. one day the police came to the store and said they thought i should take a vacation. i said when do you think i should go, they said before tomorrow morning; i moved to up state new york.

    6) i am working in the eleventh glass shop i have built; i hate the idea of moving again but know i will soon.

    7) i often dream of a boro girl, tall with blond hair, vegetarian, red westphalia camper and a 24" stienheart; but i've never met her. maybe she dreams of me.

    8) i have a dog named ruby, she is the reincarnate of this other dog named cedar; when cedar died i buried her with a to-go plate of bacon from dot's dinner cause that was her favorite. wild flowers grow strong from the grave, ruby likes to pee on them.

    9) twice in my life i have tried to join the us army and twice i have been rejected. twice i have quit a job, moved out of a house and sold off my life to ready myself for the service and twice, after a handfull of weeks, was returned to the boston buss station empty handed. the second time, as the fort jackson doctor was signing my discharge prior to training papers, i asked him what kind of a man am i that i am unfit to catch a bullet for my country. he told me, son, i'm happy to say you'll have the chance to find out. the army sent me a bill for $11.50 for laundry services rendered; i let it go to collections.

    10) even though it has moved so many times before, the only place on earth i have always felt welcome and excepted is in my glass shop. and so i stay there.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. I love my garden.

    2. I don't sweat fever for anyone else, like if a friend doesn't like you well that's their fucking problem, not mine, so I still like you even if they whine and bitch and I laugh.

    3. I fucking hate waiting for people or people that waste my time.

    4. I don't steal or lie.

    5. My truck is a year older than my oldest daughter and more reliable.

    6. The only thing I like eating more than mango is pussy.

    7. I put cinnamon in my oatmeal.

    8. I like fried plantain with anything.

    9. The last time a tear came to my eye was listening to a piper play 'Flowers of the forest' at a Rememberance Day parade, Post Stanley Falkland Islands.

    10. I love suntanned feet.
    It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Probably too much information, but here goes:

    1- My parents signed me out of school in 1982 (16 years old), because I felt that working was more productive than going to school. I have been working full time since then…presiding over 3 corporations and 2 sole proprietorships… but was always an entrepreneur, and have been working since I was 12 years old.

    2- I despise liars, thieves, cheaters, and those who take advantage of “the system”.

    3- I served in the U.S. Army as a Military Police Officer, as well as the police equivalent of the “SWAT Team”. I am Special Forces qualified in explosives and demolition, and an expert marksman with the M-1911, M-16, M-60, and M-203 grenade launcher.

    4- I met and dated the love of my life 25 years ago (more than ˝ of our lives), and have been happily married to her for the past 15 years. We have never even raised our voices to / at each other… EVER. Any disagreements are resolved diplomatically with compromises that we both agree with.

    5- I have had 5 dogs in my life, and all of them ended in some sort of tragedy and severe heartbreak. As much as we love animals, Elaine and I will never have another one… we love them TOO much. I loved my dog “Blackie” so much, that I wanted to die before she did so I didn’t have to go through the pain of losing her.

    6- High moral standards are paramount to me… so much so, that even I can not live up to them.

    7- I enjoy giving far more than receiving, and have always wanted to be a philanthropist. This is why I am leaving our facility to the glass community.

    8- I am a hermit / homebody / loner, and do not like to travel. I am very content living in my own private world here in the middle of “nowhere”, but I enjoy… and am proud of… providing a place where like minded people (glass workers) can converge and learn from each other.

    9- I’m a die hard 80’s metal head, and occasionally dress the part for fun when I blow glass. It’s kind of a cross between Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Blackie Lawless (Wasp), and Vince Neil (Motley Crue).

    10- Politically and spiritually, I align myself with traditional Christian / conservative values… with the exception of abortion, gay rights, and a few other issues.

    11- I love my country, but I hate the people that are running it and fucking it up.

    12- mer is an awesome dude, and this one is for him… keeping it in multiples of 3

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wonka View Post

    12- mer is an awesome dude, and this one is for him… keeping it in multiples of 3
    here here!

    good 10, tom.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1) I'm anold school partier, who joined the navy and became an old school drinker, had three kids, bought the wife a minivan... Now I'm just old

    2) I believe in helping people when you can, even strangers

    3) If it's broke, I'm pretty sure I can fix it.

    4) got my 7 year daughter a moped that said " not for use under the age of 13, wife was not to happy. Last week I pulled a minibike out of the trash and fixed and welded training wheels on and put my 1.5 year old son on it You can only imagine the look on my wires face seeing him zip up and down the road on That.

    4) I own a house, that doesnt have wheels like my childhood home.

    5) I've been with my wife exactly half my life. (15 years) she's an awsome mother and a great wife.

    6) I grew up poor, always in trouble, and barely graduated high school. Ten year later I'm one of the best avionics technician in my field. Prove hard work can over come lack of smarts.

    7) if I haven't cracked a joke in the last 30 minutes. Check my pulse I could have died

    8) I can make a camera from a plane read a pop can from 20000 feet, but I can't spell for shit.

    9) i get anxity if I don't have money in my pocket

    10) I love the pitsburgh steelers, and my friends call me loot



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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. my dogs name is cooter

    2. my daughters have russian names even though my wife and i are mostly italian

    3. i watch the price is right and jeapordy almost everyday, or at least record jeapordy to watch after work

    4. i didn't loose my baby fat until i was 20

    5. i can't grow a beard of any sorts but rocking the soul patch for 13 yrs now

    6. i was obsessed with penguins as a kid (before they were popular in movies) and still pretty fond of the weird little birds

    7. my greatest sports achievement was when i got to play the last 30 seconds of a basketball game in high school. shot a 3 pointer at the buzzer while my oversized shorts fell down to my ankles......air ball

    8. i tried to skate for years, could never ollie

    9. i can play one song on a dozen different instruments, but can't read music at all

    10. when i was five, i wanted to be a garbage man. something about riding on the back of a truck all day was appealing at that age.

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    Lets see 10 things hummmmmmm..

    kissed my first girlfriend when i was 5 yrs old..

    Got my own first girlfriend when i was 7... lol

    have done over 100 mph at Bonneville but not on the salt

    got busted flying 25ft over my friends house in a real plane when I was 16, 1 day after I soloed!! lol ..

    have owned lots of cool cars n motorcycles,, im up to 23 total.. crashed 5 never had a accident with another vehicle tho..

    growing my first beard in my life,, had a "gotie" most my life tho along with shaved head,, flipped the script, im shaggy, but its winter.. lol

    I can swim way faster than I can run...

    im super nerd, play with toys n computers..

    I have cup stuffed a kitten,, well she said her name was kitty

    I like guns...

    oh ya Mer RoX
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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1. Lived on my own since I was 15
    2. stung by a scorpion, stabbed by a stingray, bit by a barracuda, chased by an alligator, and a mako shark, all within 2 years
    3. received bowler of the year award during the 2nd day of woodstock in 1969
    4. joined the pro tour in 1983 and shot 4 perfect games and a 800 series, took that year off glass so I wouldn't regret not having done it.
    5. smoked the good stuff with 2 state troopers in their squad car
    6. like to cook, a lot
    7. did physcadelics over 100 times through the years
    8. my daughter has 10 fingers and toes
    9. have a bunch of fucked up in-laws
    10. live across from a cemetary, so I'm going to just go over there and lie down when its time.
    11. Its been a helluva ride

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    1.) i constantly eat sunflower seeds
    2.) I'm addicted to my iPhone which I'm using to post this
    3.) I've been a juggalo for around 10 years
    4.) I get stereotyped as a wigger cuz i love drivin with the windows down, bass blasting in my grand Marquis on 22s with matching white painted inserts and cops love running my tag because of it
    5.) I fucking love death metal and love playing death metal drums on my Roland vdrums
    6.) my first official gf I got when I was 21 and I'm still with her a few weeks shy of 2 years now
    7.) ive been picked on the majority of my life
    8.) i have no motivation to do anything in life
    9.) I have a nice leg piece tattoo, cross on my arm, removed my eyebrow piercing, and recently got my tongue pierced
    10.) I once took a shit out of a tree for fun

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    Default Re: 10 Things

    for the record, for #10 I was like 12 or so lol

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