Well I thought I had seen a link to these guys on the links page but cant find it now. I was wondering what people's experiences were when buying from them. I have bought some seconds from them on ebay. they threw in glasstique in the discription even though it didn't apply. it was of no consequence to me but I did raise a eyebrow at the sales tactic. Now I placed a order with them and payed for 3day shipping. I got a email with a tracking number for a ground shipment. I will not recieve my order in time to take advantage of this weekend. Big deal to someone who works and only has after work and weekends to rock out with glass. Well I will admit I am a littled pissed so I tried to contact them threw their site to clear it up and get the difference in shipping refunded. No response as of yet. its only been a day so its still within a reasonable response time. It dawned on me to ask around here.(should of done it first in hindsight) I can understand the fact that mix ups happen and I am just sore cuz my time line got wrecking balled. Anyways now that you know the story of my last glass order, please give me a little feedback as far as if this is a common thing with this supplier or if I just had bad luck. Please dont turn this into a my supplier is better advertisement just give me your opinion on this one. thanks. oh yeah the weight of the box was about half of what was estimated when I checked out. I hope I dont get a late shipment that has a bunch of back orders or all the glowing reviews in the world wouldnt bring my business back their way. Rant over thanks