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Thread: Tektite compatability question... and what about crystals?

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    Default Tektite compatability question... and what about crystals?

    Hey team, I was curious if anyone has worked with tektite yet. First of all, I'm assuming there are different grades/qualities of the stuff. How can I tell if the tektite is compatible?

    My biggest interest is in hot-connecting the tektite to boro. I hear this can be done. If so, what sort of heating and other characteristics do I need to be aware of first?

    Otherwise, on a somewhat different topic... can any crystals (besides artificial opal), stones, minerals, ect be embedded in boro? Or simply hot-connected?

    Thanks for your time.


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    Default Re: Tektite compatability question... and what about crystals?

    first off.

    HELLO, welcome and all that jazz.

    2nd there's this fantastic function at the top of every page marked "search". In this forum we've covered similar topics about encasing all different things in glass, from quarters to cubic zirconium.

    to get to answering your question about compatability you woul dhave to basically test out everything. with tektite it's almost impossible to tell without checking it.

    also what do you mean by "hot-connected"? do you mean welded? "hot seal" all these things mean the same thing. if you can't incase it the likeliness is you can't weld it either.


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