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View Poll Results: How do you refer to yourself?

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  • Glassblower

    161 42.59%
  • Lampworker

    75 19.84%
  • Glass Artist

    113 29.89%
  • Professional Pyromaniac

    21 5.56%
  • Slacker

    41 10.85%
  • Flameworker

    60 15.87%
  • Other

    35 9.26%
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Thread: How do you refer to yourself?

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    Default Re: How do you refer to yourself?

    I say.. I'm starting to explore glasswork

    Maybe, someday, I might consider myself a glass artist

    I might even blow a bit

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    Default Re: How do you refer to yourself?

    Charlie refers to himself in the third person

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    Default Re: How do you refer to yourself?

    Being someone who plans to work with glass and already works with a forge I say I'm a flame worker. It's the same basic concept of heating materials in a flame until they soften to manipulate them. Learning to work your flame is just as important as learning to work your material. Charcoal forges are almost like a living creature and require skill to use. I hope I can master a torch flame like I can manage my forge.

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    Default Re: How do you refer to yourself?

    Quote Originally Posted by smutboy420 View Post
    I like the choice "other" I'll have to use that from now on.
    When someone askes me what I do for a living I will say "other"
    But mostly If just a genral type thing I will say I'm a glassblower. then alaberate on the lampworking part or what makes it difrent from offhand blowing. Once you say the word pyrex it chages every thing around for the person. Then they think you are more of a glass blower. When they find out boro takes more heat to melt then soft glass.

    Maybe just saying "other" will avoid the "Ohhh, don't you just LOOVE Chihuly?" Thing.
    When I hear that I tend to vet the person saying it as a mindless dumbass thats very open to sugestion. If they where like, Did you see the bla bla pcs that Chihuly did. then I know they atleast Might actully have a clue about what they are engaging me about.

    briliant marketing guy. Yes very brillant to pull of what hes done. talented visionary????? When I hear him talk about what he sees or envisions. Always sounds like some artist babal mubo jumbo to me.

    But I don't get the whole he is blind in one eye excuse. Whats wrong with his other eye. last time I checked most peep are born with 2 of them.
    having one eye that don't work has never stopped me from blowing glass. Shit sould I of been playing on my one eye deal for all these years? I'm suprized Chihuly don't sell pencils and spare chage in the street. cause The first thing he always draws to if his one eye thing and how you are to feel sorry for him about something that happened way back in 197?

    I think I should start playing up my bad eye more. Then when someone sees something about how Chihuly can't blow glass because of his eye they will think I am an even more talented glass blower then him. I should thow in some thing about how it was such a struggel to learn with only one eye. then they will not think I have any thing easy and that I earned my way up. lol lol lol
    But the truth of the matter is I almost forget my left eye is shot and it has never been much of a drawback to me when blowing glass. Because unlike having one eye closed haveing a eye that don't work is something you get used to when its been with you sence birth. But if you taped your eye shut or wore a patch at first it might be hard but not after you got used to it.
    I know this post was from years ago, but I love this response to the bad eye topic. It's awesome to know I'm not the only one out there blowing glass with a bad eye. I went blind in my right eye back in my 20's from MS. That was long before I started blowing glass. It was pretty hard for a few years to adapt, but now that it's been another 20 years or more I almost forget also, and aside from the fact the depth perception is a bit of an issue (& maybe losing tweezers on your bench even more of a problem) living life with one working eye certainly doesn't make my work anymore commendable than anyone else, nor would I ever even think to bring it up. But sometimes I have wondered if there was anyone else out there, and reading smut boys response I'm really glad to know that there is as well as really glad he didn't pity himself or think it should be used as a way to make his work more commendable, or Chihulys for that matter.

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