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Thread: Exploring the mystery...

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    Alright! Nice to log in and see the welcoming words!

    Currently working on a boro stained glass piece for an Italian restaurant and will post it when completed.

    Quote Originally Posted by T-Rex View Post
    yea it can be wicked cool... too bad it's been so linked with church and religion for thousands of years - it gets overlooked by the rest of the world.

    The church has been bogarting stained-glass for thousands of years, it's time we put an end to that...
    Well said!

    That perception can used to the artists advantage...

    I have seen the audience respond in all types of ways when confronted by large stained glass windows...from dropping to their knees in crying glory to walking away in disgust.

    A personal encouraging moment was being denied by a gallery, because as stated: "Stained glass is supposed to be light and airy".

    That still gets me. Art isn't 'supposed to be' any one thing!!!

    Needless to say, the next piece was a night scene with a moon and starts, dark!

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    I really enjoy all this more than the dabbucino...

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