So here's how this works and one more reason why you should donate to the Armadillo Art Glass Initiative.

We will accept all donations,but what we really want is production. We are trying to raise as much money as possible, in as little time as possible.

You send us a box of priced and invoiced work, all wholesale value. This will work best if you sign all of the work you donate.

The AAGI will have a booth at the Glassroots trade show, which is happening the three days after our event. This booth will be where we display and sell all of the donated glass. That means that without having to pay a booth fee, you get nationwide sales and exposure at an established trade show.

Send glass to

Attn: Craig Lewis
11912B Hwy 290 West
Austin,TX 78737

Include your name, wholesale prices, glass name (if you have one), address and any other contact information.

Don't forget, all melting pot members are eligible for my donation matching offer:!