Our Visiting Artist class in June is Structural Construction, with none other than the man who wrote the book on lampworking, Bandhu Dunham. This class is being held June 26, 27, & 28, 10am-6pm. This is the weekend after DFO, so if you are out on the West Coast already, stay a week longer and make your way to Seattle to level up your glass game in this anticipated course. $650 for 24+ hrs of master-level instruction and studio time. Lunches are included.

This class will explore interesting techniques for building sculptural structures out of glass. We will start with some essential theoretical foundation about advanced annealing and how the nature of glass determines technique. Then we will dive into a variety of basic and advanced ways to make sure structures are strong, and to increase the scale of your work beyond the size of your annealer. Possible projects include elaborate goblets, multi-part abstract sculpture, collaborations, marble tracks, mechanical sculpture, architectural models, web/network technique. Class will include both demonstrations and hands-on experimentation. Bring a sketchbook! If you have a hand torch, bring that too. Tile nippers will also be useful for this class.

Head to our website, www.theboroschool.com to enroll or call us at 206-284-5277.

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