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Thread: Homefill II help

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    Default Homefill II help

    I have a homefill II that will not turn the pulley. The motor works fine and turns the belt, but no pulley movement. I found disassembly/assembly instructions online. I have removed the control panel and motor/pulley assembly. The pulley was tight to hand turn at first, but was able to turn the pulley enough so it now seems to spin freely. The belt is in great condition, so I don't think that is/was the problem. Anyone with the same or similar problem that has a diagnosis before I reassemble?

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    Default Re: Homefill II help

    To much tension on the belt and the motor will not turn. There 2 philips head screws on either side of the motor that adjust the tension. When you moved the large pulley did it feel like something broke free?

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    Default Re: Homefill II help

    If it broke free I'd look for a broken key that anchors the pulley to the shaft. Just an idea

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    If the bearing in the center hub goes bad it can cause the pully to seize. I was able to break it free by hand, but it seized up again. So I changed the roller/needle bearing and it worked like new. @2800hrs

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