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Thread: Independent artists and head shops wanted

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    Default Independent artists and head shops wanted

    Glassware marketplace looking for artists to sell their products and get paid
    We are looking for talented glassblowers to be featured and sell their products on a new artist centric marketplace.
    We are a new premium dabware marketplace that has just opened, we are powered by some of the best artists and head shops throughout the USA. We are currently looking to feature many more talented glassblowing artists as centerpieces to our marketplace. We offer marketing to bring people to your store and will help you sell the premium creations that you make. There is also opportunities to have a portfolio made for you and published like a magazine. Check out the link and click on the learn more tab for more info

    Please feel free to reply if you have more questions.

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    Default Artists Wanted.

    We are a community marketplace looking for artists that want to sell their premium creations. We will begin publishing some of the new artists this weekend, check out our artist section to see some of the coming soon artists as well as go to our vendors tab to get more information and start selling more of what you love.

    Check it out.

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