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Thread: Phillips Repair

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    Out of curiosity, which frames were you using?

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    Just to provide an update.. after I supplied pictures of the tracking they instantly sent new shades out..

    I understand people could be attempting to scam shades out of them but that is ridiculous in this situation. Regardless of all the bullshit I had to go through to even get them to accept my shades, all the return addresses went to one place. All they had to do was look at the return address, which I'm sure they did but want to make it hell for you. So what happens if I didn't find my tracking? They just keep shades? Would they ever send them back to the return address? Fuck them. The person you need to contact is Bill "the biggest piece of shit you may encounter" Brown.

    I forgot exactly how I got in touch with them, I think I called and bitched a lot.

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    Kyle Ferris is probably a better person to contact, he is the person I worked with when purchase the raw sodium flare filter I used to buy from them.

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