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Thread: 2018 OC Marble & Pendant Show! NEED ARTISTS!!!!!!

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    Default 2018 OC Marble & Pendant Show! NEED ARTISTS!!!!!!

    12th Annual Orange County Marble & Pendant Show!

    April 7th @ the Howard Johnson Hotel in Fullerton CA

    Show goes from 9am-5pm

    Vintage and Contemporary Marble vendors and Artists wanted!
    Vintage tables are $60 and Contemporary are $100
    last year the event went extremely well! and hope to have an even bigger turnout this year

    Please message me on IG @orangecountymarbleshow or @keysglass
    or email me at

    Thanks so much
    Marble On!

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    Default Re: 2018 OC Marble & Pendant Show! NEED ARTISTS!!!!!!

    I really hope I can make it! Coming to Socal is hard for me, so I'm not sure, but I'm going to try.

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    Default Re: 2018 OC Marble & Pendant Show! NEED ARTISTS!!!!!!

    I will try to make it down,I love to check that out.I got really in to marbles in the last year.Marble hunt people keep me busy.

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