I've been using this torch for a couple of months now and don't have anything really bad to say about it. Yes it is a small torch
so your not going to be making 3 inch marbles with it, but then again that's why I have a Mirage.
The combination of flame types available is great. I can get a little itsy bitsy flame for doing delicate stringer work, larger flames
for melting in dot stacks or large rod, well 3/4" is as big as I have and it will melt larger I'm sure.
I love to fume with this torch, it's really great for that, and with the small flame it makes burning off selected areas of the fume
By adjusting the regulator I can get fairly hard driving flames or a softer flame that is easier to melt crayon colors without
boiling them.
Over all it's a great little torch, a little ugly, but still a real work horse for small work.