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Thread: Seam Lathes

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    Default Seam Lathes

    Anyone taken delivery recently that has some insight to share.. that we havent heard anyway?

    just curious how its all shaking out for those that went in on these. still in the back of my mind to scoop one of the bench tops.

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    Default Re: Seam Lathes

    Don't know either . I know folks that went with the guy in states as a go between are still upset and comment any time that cat post in other threads .

    I have not herd much from guys going direct .

    But you seem to be a guy that wants a good machine at a fair price .

    I don't know your budget but from hearing you talk I imagine a litton HSJ or a U lathe would be right up your ally .

    If get another unit that's what I would want . I might be projecting my wants on you lol sorry if so
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    Default Re: Seam Lathes

    I picked up a table top last spring. I had ZERO problems with shipping or the machine. Although I am looking to sell it because I have moved into a different industry/ business....

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    Default Re: Seam Lathes

    Where are you located, PHANTOM?

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