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Thread: Greetings from Vermont

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    Default Greetings from Vermont

    I created an account in 2010 but had to tear down my lampworking setup before I had a chance to really get the hang of it so this is my first time posting. I just moved to Bridgewater VT and I now have a huge space to work so I'm looking forward to getting my torch hooked up again. I was just beginning to get the hang of making borosilicate marbles, beads and pendants but working in the corner of our kitchen was getting to be too much for my girlfriend so I shut it all down about three or four years ago. I just started unpacking today and I'm realizing I have a lot of cool stuff to work with so I'm getting pretty stoked.

    I have a GTT Phantom and a Sequal Regalia 10lpm concentrator (that I hope still works) and I'm currently shopping around for a place to get tanked oxygen. I'm interested in learning how to make anything in glass.

    I'm hoping to find some clubs or organizations here in the Bridgewater/Woodstock area where I can meet anyone else who enjoys this craft.

    Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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    Default Re: Greetings from Vermont

    Glad to have you. How's the set up coming?

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