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Thread: snub nose mirage questions

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    O O snub nose mirage questions

    EDIT: Nm I think it was just a combination of no music,vents off for a few seconds during maiden fire up, and factory tight knobs? Still whistles a bit more on some smaller laser/pin flames, but all is well and im a dork.

    Blah blah blah below...

    I finally got my snub nose mirage all hooked up and ready to go, but there are a few things I am noticing right off the bat that has me curious if anyone else had a similar experience or not. First off I feel like its flame is quite a bit more distorted/noisy/erratic with the oxy.

    These are flames I used to use all the time with no issue, but this feels weird/off. Everything I seemed to read short of a suggestion about fluid dynamics and "top end of the torch" made me think that the snub and stock should basically run the same. Am I missing something here? Should I call GTT?

    Also I dunno if it should make any difference but the snub has the new torch face with all the little metal braces for the ports, could this be effecting it compared to the old style? It just feels like a whole range of calm and normal flames both on the low and high are weird... merp. Any advice is appreciated, cause I really wanted this to be my forever torch. Thanks folks!
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