This is Episode III of the Plazmakollab - Weapon of Mass Peace Webinar Six Episode Series. Sign up for the entire series at over half off here.

Kaleb Folck shows how to create small detailed figure sculptures, in this case a cross-legged Goblin! He takes a lot of care relative to the sense of proportion, balance, and muscle definition for this humanoid/goblin figure. All the more remarkable considering the small scale of the whole thing. People have an instinct for the humanoid figure…it needs to be right. He does that.

We have been working with Blazing Heart Productions and five artists in Eugene, OR to produce a series of webinars using their combined skills to create a Weapon of Mass Peace - a plasma-electrified functional piece of out of this world art. Learn techniques from Arron Siverson, Dellene Peralta, Kaleb Folck, Nathan Belmont, and Kimmo, and see how their abilities culminate to create something out of this world.

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