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Thread: Finished Project Video - Kinetic Sculpture/Marble Run

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    Default Finished Project Video - Kinetic Sculpture/Marble Run

    I usually put tutorials on my YouTube site, but...

    I made this marble run for the Humboldt Glass Weekend in February and got a finished project video up on my Youtube channel. Don't worry - more free tutorials coming soon but this is a fun little slideshow and video. <-- Art Glass and Lampworking Tools <-- Pipes and Dabbers

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    Default Re: Finished Project Video - Kinetic Sculpture/Marble Run

    Sweet sculpture. Iv been wanting to build some kinetic sculpture with lights or lasers, make them wind or solar powered, make something that generates a wicked light show with lots of moving parts. mechanical elements that generate music too.

    I have a lathe, a couple mills, a good understanding of engineering. Getting a bigger CNC laser soon, going to have some pretty good capabilities for a home machine and glass shop.

    Ill get some videos made soon. My channel has about 299,000 views, you keep making videos and it will take off big with the good content.

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