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Thread: I need to make my first rig.

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    Default Re: I need to make my first rig.

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    Default Re: I need to make my first rig.

    Quote Originally Posted by snoopdog6502 View Post
    Well I got 21 pounds of color from mga. I need to get on the lathe and make joint tools.

    Im not going to weld a china joint on, I want color continuity. Might have to hit up the tool and die shops for some good graphite.
    Very nice joints can be made just using a glass joint. soot it up majorly and warm it well, male or female. great tool to make joints.

    I admit a finishing tool, such as a griffin brass joint finisher is good too, but its actually harder to use until you get the hang of it. MOre perfect easier though once you can use it.
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    Default Re: I need to make my first rig.

    The new helper has been great. Making dabbers, carb caps, pulling colored rod from old broken rigs.
    He is taking small steps but thinking big. I bet any of you would have taken him into the shop.
    Im going to give him free run to try most anything. He wants to learn vac stacks.

    Iv been impressed. It very fun to have a mellow easy going young person learning fast in the shop.
    I dont doubt we both progress much faster now.

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