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Thread: Four Port Manifolds-New Product!

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    Default Re: Four Port Manifolds-New Product!

    AxisWolf thank you, that would be really cool to have a vendor badge!
    Glassnewb, correct, these are similar in design and function to Covington manifolds, and every manifold. They offer three and five port, mine fill the gap with a four port option which is perfect for my setup. I have a lathe so i have two bench torches and two hand torches, four ports is just right. The ports on the ends can also be plumbed to torches, technically making these five port.
    I don’t expect to add another torch but I will use the end port on the gas line for a bunsen when i get one.

    I appreciate the compliments and I thank those who have purchased my manifolds!
    I have six left in stock right now.
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