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Thread: Red Max beginner setup

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    Default Red Max beginner setup

    I have pretty much a basic beginner studio setup that I need to part with.
    All pieces were purchased new by me, and it mostly like-new.
    Red Max torch has only run 2 k-tanks of oxy, no clogged ports or leaks, works great!
    Glasses have been kept in a case, no scratches or scuffs.
    All tools are in working order, will not be including blow hose although it is pictured (sorry)
    Hoses are also not included, I would not recommend anybody attempt to use previously used hoses (safety and stuff)
    Regulators and flashback arrestors work great, barely used.
    I also have a JenKen AF3P 11/9 kiln with bead door. Electronic controller, works great! Purchased directly from manufacturer locally.

    I will be selling this as a set, not parting out. I would very much prefer to sell it all locally, I can meet somewhere if the commute is too far. (Tampa, FL)
    I will not be shipping the kiln. I will not be shipping glass.
    I will provide 2 separate price lists.
    Shipping will be on buyer.
    Discount for local pickup.

    Nortel Red Max premix torch
    graphite pad
    2 marble molds
    tungsten pick
    bowl push
    rod cutter
    oxy and propane regulators
    2 flashback arresters
    Lampworker Combo glasses (flip up, over glasses)

    Jen Ken AF3P kiln with bead door (will not ship)
    Various clear boro tubes and rods (will not ship)

    If I am shipping the items the price is 660 + shipping (I will not pay shipping, sorry!)
    (not including glass and kiln)

    If you can meet me the entire kit will cost 1100 (including kiln and glass)

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I am happy to answer any questions I possibly can.

    This is a sad sale for me. A long anticipated setup which I must part with due to injury, I can no longer continue.

    Thank you for looking!

    (uploading images will not work for me, I have included links, please let me know if this is okay or if you can assist me in uploading images. Thank you!)

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    Default Re: Red Max beginner setup

    Changing pricing, 550+ shipping for torch and tools. 500 for kiln. Local takes it all for 1K. Gotta get this sold soon.

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    Default Re: Red Max beginner setup

    I am interested in this. I'll shoot you a pm.

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    Default Re: Red Max beginner setup

    Still for sale?

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