I have a soft glass furnace Iím never going to use. The bit of furnace glass I did, I did out if a bigger version of this furnace, but I got a deal on this one and Iíve never even seen it hot.

Passing on the dream, passing on the deal. I got a deal because the logistics of getting it out were complicated, I had to take boats and transit buses about 10x with a chainsaw and tools, clear the brush and trees off a hill, and come back in a crane truck. I can help move it this time.

Located Vancouver Island BC. First 3k takes, letís call it $2500US. I drive tow truck so I can deliver to either ferry terminal, to a moving and storage company, or to an import crane-truck guy thatís $85/hr, cheaper than the towtruck, shorter than the towtruck so cheaper for the boat ride if itís leaving the island.

I think itís an 80lb pot. 240v single phase, comes with the custom-wound transformer and phase-angled SCR, easily $5k in electronics and elements. Too nice to scrap, itís usable, and aomebody paid 10x this in 2009 or 2010.

Iíll have to figure out tapatalk or something for pics unless I can get to a PC. Thereís one on IG, same name. Iíve sold and bought lots of torches and stuff on here, I know the rules, Iím not out to rip anyone off.