15 containers of frit, mostly full, otherwise will be noted.

Full containers
NS-F105L Silver Creek frit large 4oz
NS-F000L clear frit large 4oz
NS-F009L yellow frit large 4oz
NS-oo clear frit fine 4oz
NS-F103L berry gumbolt frit large 4oz
NS-F111L Alaskan thunder frit large 4oz
NS-F120L silver unobtanium frit large 4oz
TAG dark red Elvis fine 2oz
TAG dark red Elvis medium 2oz

NS-F000S clear frit small 4oz (80% full)
NS-F045S blue moon frit Small 4oz (50% full)
NS-F100L black lightning frit large 4oz (50% full)
NS-F054S star white frit small 4oz (70% full)
NS-54 star white frit fine 4oz (50% full)
NS-F063S canary frit Small 4oz (50% full)

Price includes shipping within the conUS.

$100 via PayPal, can ship today or tomorrow.
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