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Thread: Dangers of working with Tektite?

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    Default Dangers of working with Tektite?

    I have a shopmate that worked with some Tektite today for about 30 minutes. Afterwards he was complaining about stomach pains and minor headache. He obviously isn't going to work with it any more until we learn more about it. I was wondering if anyone has information on the off-gassing of Tektite and the dangers of working with it. Thanks in advance! Just a little worried about him.

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    Default Re: Dangers of working with Tektite?

    If your talking about the black Asian ones, pretty sure tungsten is one of them.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like florine is in there sometimes. That's could be bad news.

    The majority of the ingredients are glassified when some one makes the glass. A.k.a. Everything is more uniform and most ingredients are bonded to each other and the silica so they don't just burn up.

    Meteor glass is just chance /mother nature . A lot of things could be present in any quanity, glassified or not. No gaurentee what your creating with the flame as the catalyst.
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