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Thread: Bluebird xl only firing one coil,

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    Default Bluebird xl only firing one coil,

    Hey guys so first off I know I should get a better kiln. That said any one have any experience with this happening to them?
    I looked up how much a new element is from paragon....

    600 freaking dollars.
    I bought it new 4 years ago for 800..

    Is my only option to either buy a new kiln or new element block thing.
    Or has anyone found a solution to this ?

    Was wondering if it would be possible to switch it from their fancy encased elements to open top elements. AkA removing theirs and laying my own brick and making channels for it. But then again it's a 110v kiln do would other elements work in it?

    Appreciate any insight... As it goes Gunna use my hand torch as a propane heat source inside the kiln to help the one remaining element.

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    Default Re: Bluebird xl only firing one coil,

    I dunno but you might call this place:

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