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Thread: Small Cans

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    What i've been working on. Going to take me a while to really get comfortable with making bubblers and small rigs but im starting to try my hand. Can't thank BoRo enough and many members here for all of the detailed info that has been posted on this forum over the years. It afforded me hrs of reading and learning so i could take a shot at it. Shoutout

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    Keep it up! Great work brotha.

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    Thanks Axis. got another one started here. planning on a clear can, cobalt base, a nice size round cobalt bowl, fixed downstem, raised cobalt carb. i might be able to pull it off. Patience is a must with shaping i learned. Spoons are one thing but connecting different shapes, completely reshaping tubes, these are things that take time to learn each step. I'm getting closer to what's in my mind so thats a plus. I coilpotted my cobalt prep for this piece and i was happy with the way it came out.

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    Trying to keep some normalcy in life and keep going on glass when i can. Its not perfectly symmetrical and that bugs me, but i'll get there. I wanna do a fixed bowl welded to the downstem and a raised carb on it. Also trying to understand how to get a gently sloping can with a foot in the bottom thats like a rim. Next one i will connect it first then shape it, instead of other way around.

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    Fixed bowl and downstem. Gonna put a raised carb on it tonight. I didnt put a ring seal on this one, i just dropped bowl in and tried to work it smooth and push it together a little with tungsten. Not sure if anyone even makes a seal like that.

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    Not perfect but its something i can build on finally.

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