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Thread: Rastafarian Round Up

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    Default Rastafarian Round Up

    Hey guys i been in a bad place. My mom is in hospital and im scared she has lost her ability to regain her life as she knows it, or live at all much longer. She is the one that believed in my glass dream and she payed for my first large order of glass just bc she wanted to. I've been breaking shit, everything that can is going wrong in the shop this week, can't focus.
    Anyway, I'm not going Nomad i just wanna do a rollcall and ask you guys where u at? This forum has been dead lately!
    If you're still a member that interacts or even reads anything on here, post what state you live in, what you've been working on lately, what are your goals/dreams in glass?
    I know alot of us are going through serious shit right now. I've met some of you here that have helped me so much. I feel like i wanna see a show of hands how many are still together here on TMP? Let's stick together and make our presence felt! My dudes!!! Anyway....i dont know if i just need this or if we all do. So i'll go first.

    My name is Mark. I live in FL. Been working on spoons alot to build up some inventory. Trying to work out kinks with bubblers. I have a full time job so i don't get as much time as i would like in shop but i love every second since i started. My goal is to grow my glass ability and business to the point where i can pay some serious bills with it. My dreams are to be able to quit my job and focus solely on glass. Maybe a 5-10 year possibility if i work hard enough. Have a sustainable business i can pass down to my kids. I'd also love to meet some of you at MELT or any event where we can get together and hang out someday. I want to grow in glass and do it the right way, for the love and the pursuit of this medium.

    Your turn.

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    Default Re: Rastafarian Round Up

    I'm terribly unsociable, and probably a terrible person to be answering first , considering my general lack of passionate emotion, but I hope your mom doesn't suffer too much bro, it sucks when your close people or yourself are having symptoms of mortality. Best of luck to her.

    As to shit breaking, its what happens, learn from it.

    I got into glass because of my titanium pad idea back in 2003, and by 2010 became a glass worker full time. Still at it, and its way better than working at the cedar mill

    I've been making lots of handmade beaker tubes(Erlenmeyer flask tubes) lately ( no lathe, one roller sometimes), up to 20". I feel manly
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    Default Re: Rastafarian Round Up

    sorry to hear about the tough times

    i'm more of the hobbyist type i suppose

    i have made money i can but i don't

    the money drives the drive right outta me.
    don't wash your hands with your sammich.
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    your linework is naive maybe try some fuming?
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    Default Re: Rastafarian Round Up

    I hope everything calms in your life soon RoadRunner, feel free to fire a message if you need someone to chat with.

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    Default Re: Rastafarian Round Up

    Sorry to hear about your mom, that’s a tough spot to be in brother. If you are having trouble focusing it may be a good time to take a break in the name of safety, I have found that working when stressed or upset can lead to injury.
    I haven’t been on the torch in quite some time.
    The last couple of years have been rough after divorce but I have finally worked thru some deep shit and this year repaired relationships with my kids and I’m in a much better space than I have been in a long time. My business (not glass) has been doing well and really takes all my time lately. Made a few bubblers a couple weeks ago, lost some skills over the last year but it was fun to melt again. Too hot this week to light a torch.
    Your recent work is really good man! Perhaps rather than a break you would benefit from a different track right now, do some sculptures and pendants. Focus on some striking colors and flame chemistry rather than the end product. Get your mind off what you think you should know and start fresh experiments. Then go show your mother the cool new stuff you made and tell her all about it. A positive visit and conversation would be good for both of you.
    I’m im Reno, Nevada.
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    Default Re: Rastafarian Round Up

    Not sure what caused me to click here, it's been a minute since I was around. I broke down my (hobbyist) studio 4 years ago in preparation for moving back to Austin, and since I've been back, I haven't set anything back up. Part of the reason is that my shoulder is wrecked (I'm getting surgery on it tomorrow coincidentally), and part of it is my new nextdoor neighbor is a battalion chief at the fire department, and I haven't summoned the willpower to figure what I'll need to do to set it all up to code. About once a month, I think about selling my Kobuki and my color glass (already gave away my clear to a buddy), but then I don't.

    I look at stuff I've made, mainly marbles, and think "Man, I'd like to do that again."

    But apparently not enough to make it happen...

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    Default Re: Rastafarian Round Up

    Good luck on the surgery man. 4 yrs is awhile but im sure you could pick right back up. Advice on your neighbor: Don't tell him!

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