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Thread: Spatzier Glass Engraving Lathe, with step pulley and some lead-cast spindles

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    Default Spatzier Glass Engraving Lathe, with step pulley and some lead-cast spindles

    Looking to sell what looks to be an 80's vintage Spatzier Glass engraving lathe, recently ran, in excellent shape with small round spindle rack with a dozen or more older lead-cast spindles with copper wheels mounted. I am looking for a more portable lathe such the KMK-1 from Merker and would consider a trade for a new or rarely used USA Spec. 110v Merker KMK-1 for use in demos, craft shows, etc. If not an outright trade, will consider other deals depending on situation. Cost for SPatzier lathe outright purchase is $3500.

    I have a Spatzier as my Studio lathe and wouldn't trade it for the world, but I have a duplicate lathe I was going to try and create some type of mobile cart/etc., but the Merker KMK-1 which takes the same M1.5 taper spindles as the Spatzier makes more sense and is much easier to cart around than any Spatzier would be. Prefer buyer in the USA due to the weight of these lathes. While I like the Merker KMK-1, the Spatzier is by far a better machine, but the need for portability and cross use of diamond profiled M1.5 spindles being used between the two is the reasons for wanting the KMK-1.

    I also have a Spatzier knock-off lathe from the Czech. Republic, this has a more custom M2 taper so the spindles aren't interchangeable, However, I have a number of M2 steel spindles with 3/5/8mm screw ends that makes changing copper/diamond wheels MUCH easier than the traditional methods of mounting copper wheels on steel lead-cast spindles. Once you go to steel spindles you won't go back, but I will include almost 50 lead-cast spindles custom cast in the Czech. Republic Lathe (For the "purist" who wants to learn ALL aspects of the craft, including mounting of copper wheels to steel spindles the traditional way (Very hard for a "leftie" like me)), the brand name on the lathe is HERKI, probably manufactured during the "Cold war" period, but a very good, heavy duty lathe. I also have a set of M2 Merker (10) diamond wheel steel spindles that were custom made for this lathe. This Heavy-duty Lathe, the step pulley, approx. 50 lead-cast unmounted spindles and the M2 set of diamond wheels already on steel spindles, M2 tapered threaded spindle for lead-cast stone or polishing wheels, plus a few extra M2 steel 3/5/8mm screw end spindles and M2 shaft/nut spindle with .5 inch shaft and nut for either larger wheels or polishing buffs. The Czech. Lathe with 10 various profile diamond wheel spindles, lead-cast spindles, and custom steel spindles would be $4800 (The 10 diamond spindles alone was $1800 USD) Again, the reason for selling is the need to have any steel spindle custom created for this lathe, but Merker in Germany had made a number of the steel screw end spindles for this machine, and I have a machine shop in Corning, NY (Tobeyco) who also does a great job creating these custom steel spindles for all three types of lathes. or message on this board for more info and shipping/payment instructions.
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