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Thread: Annealing question

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    I'm trying to fill in some questions i still have about annealing. If you finish a piece and give it a full annealing cycle, then fuck with it another day like hitting it with borax or adding dots or whatever, will it affect the strength of the piece if you do not give it another full annealing cycle? Such as reduced time at annealing temp? Very similarly, if you dont want to overstrike a piece and you wanna give it 30 more min at annealing temp the next day, can that be done w/o fucking up the integrity of the piece?

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    If you are putting localized heat on an annealed piece, you are adding stress in that area, and the entire piece should be annealed again at full cycle.

    Do you have a polarizer card to check your annealing? If not, it just takes a couple of small pieces of polarized material to make one.

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    Thanks Mike. Photoelasticity. Learning new things every day. I programmed my kiln based on a chart for average thickness of a piece, so as of now i have a marble, basic striking, and pipe program. I can also just change the annealing hold time if i'm in a hurry. For some of these other questions i have and for the programs i think are good, it will be really cool to actually see the stress. I'm going to make a simple polariscope setup this week.

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