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Thread: PM2D-WC just refurbished 2k obo

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    Default PM2D-WC just refurbished 2k obo

    EDIT: i put this torch in an ebay auction, 2k is the BIN price but it's starting at $710 heres the link

    Original post: Just got this torch back from bethlehem, it has 2 little dents in the face from its previous owner but they dont effect the flame characteristics. It's shiny and new, freshly cleaned and refurbd, vintage burner ready for a new life. It's mounted on one of Beth's new types of torch stand (nicer than gtt's). From what i've heard these torches are hot as hell almost to the point where its a problem, hence the water cooler. And all the original boro colors were formulated on one of these so if you melt a lot of color and you want to do it like an OG this might be a good swoop. I'll include all the information i got from Beth about operating the water cooler and general maintenance. I put all the details in an instagram post over at @highbastardboro just wanted to make it available over here too. Its easier to reach me on insta but i'll check back on this thread until the torch is sold. Much love you guys!

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