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Thread: glasshive kiln in southern california

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    Default glasshive kiln in southern california

    recently moved and have some nearly new equipment sitting in storage. will take pictures and post more information if there is any interest but i'm running late for work right now.

    available for local pickup (Inland Empire/Beaumont, CA 92223)

    Medium Guy Aluminum Body Kiln - 120V / Full Height w/ 2 Punti doors
    - used maybe 4 times. paid over $1000. asking $750

    also available:
    nearly new GTT lynx, untested used nortel red rocket (i think i bought from someone on here), couple pounds of colored rods, maybe some random tools.

    i started setting up a studio hoping to learn lampworking but then i took a glassblowing/hot shop class and never really wanted to learn on the torch after that so i figure i should get rid of this stuff.

    again if there is any interest i'll take pictures and post verification photos. hope this post is allowed, if not feel free to delete it.
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    Default Re: glasshive kiln in southern california

    I sent you a pm. Let me know. Thanks
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