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Thread: checking,check one two

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    Default checking,check one two

    reworked a bubbler that had a crack believed to be a check but not sure, unobtanium, same exact spot.

    my questions are a few

    is this just a spot i can remove like a cancer? is it going to create more problems with the unobtanium down the line with more kiln time? It really is this one spot bottom of the can same point on the wigwag.

    in my mind i assume more kiln time is dangerous but thats only based on what i've read. this is really my first problems with that color though i hear others say its a trouble maker often.

    what is a check? is it a mineral deposit i can tear out or is it more complex.

    i also think the deeper the safer it could become. like even if it did crack inside a really deep marble it could stay consumed by non cracked glass i forgot the oldschool name for the shatter marbles...

    anyway hopefully that relays my questions good enough if not ill try more...thanks!

    and to be clear it cracked on me again, same exact spot...

    should i give up, tear it out, whats the general concensus ?

    another side note. when i say reworked i mean it. seperated the can and stem, added lots of lenses as well....
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