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Thread: Raise your prices!

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    Cool Raise your prices!

    Hey everyone. Everything in the world has increased in price lately. It only makes sense that we should also raise our prices. Don't you think? <3

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    Default Re: Raise your prices!

    No question, imo. As a result of the war in Ukraine, Schott tubing and DWK components have all gone up in price (three times over the last 12 months in some cases). Current orders are also subjected to energy surcharges for gas and electricity based on prior months' market fluctuations. I assume Kavalier is in a similar position. There's also increased logistical costs for freight and lead times for certain items, ime.

    Just looking at those realities, it feels hard to argue against raising prices, but I'm also curious about other people's experiences.
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    lil' rhody. i know it's small, but it's the motion of the ocean state that matters!
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    Default Re: Raise your prices!

    fer reelz, i have trouble even getting the glass i need, and pay significantly more than I did a few years ago.
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