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Thread: Advertise your site at the top of the forum and sponsor TMP!

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    Naughty Advertise your site at the top of the forum and sponsor TMP!

    We are finally offering ad space/sponsorship for our members! And the best part is the cost to you is less than half of most the sites out there. We have an average of 3 million hits a month to our forum. That’s a lot of opportunity for visits to your site from the banner ad.

    We're placing it in the primo spot on the forum, so it's sure to be seen on every page and get trickle down from google's pagerank.

    Here’s a cost break down.

    Artists: This rate is for those of you selling or displaying finished goods related to glass in some way. Marbles, sculptures, beads, jewelry, etc. Glassblowing/jewelry making/etc. lessons and small speciality tool and glass makers. (Glass art distributors, see below)
    $20 a month
    $100 for 6 months = 1 month free
    $200 a year = 2 months free

    Distributors: This rate is for those of you selling things the artists use in their business. Raw supplies, torches, website development, printed goods, events, etc. And those of you offering others work for sale.
    $50 a month
    $250 for 6 months = 1 month free
    $500 a year = 2 months free

    Classes can go either way, depending on location and class size. Private classes from your studio fall under artist, classes at say Eugene Glass School fall under dist.

    Non-profit events are free.

    Running a contest or something that’s a short notice one time ad, PM me and we can talk about a one time price, since it might not fall under either price bracket.

    The money…you know how we roll here, it will go back into the forum in some form or another. And you get traffic to your site! Good plan right?! We’re also open to trades for the forum. If you have something that you think could help the forum toss me a PM.

    You can purchase banner ad space/TMP sponsorship directly from your user cp under paid subscriptions. Then email me (eugenerain at gmail dot com in proper format) with your banner and the link you want it to go to. If you don’t want to use paypal, PM/email me and I’ll email you an invoice for credit card, or you can mail a check/money order. Because of the way this program works, refunds will not be offered. Also, we reserve the right to terminate your ad at any time should we find you offer bath salts, spice, or any other shitty drugs for sale.

    Any of you can have a banner here! For your gallery, your site, your store, art, supplies, printing stuff…you know, all the stuff we use in our businesses.

    Your banner needs to be 468x60 and cool enough to get people to click it. If you need help making a banner, we have people around here who love to do that kind of thing. Post here and I’m sure you’ll find someone! Maybe offer up something to trade for the time it takes to make the banner.

    Thanks again Primathon for writing us a very cool script.

    Our Current Sponsors! Thank you for advertising with us!

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