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Thread: Classifieds Etiquette and information on using this forum

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    Doh Classifieds Etiquette and information on using this forum

    [1]Please do not hijack someone’s sale thread with your similar product, instead post your own thread.

    [2]Post the price of your item(s) in the thread and thread title when possible

    [3]Please don’t spam this area. Combine threads when possible.

    [4]Self bumping should be kept to a minimum, no more than once every 24 hours

    [5]This area is for anything used to make glass, but not finished products. Finished products has its own room!

    [6]You may post non-glass related items here when needed, but please keep it to a minimum.

    [7]Posts within the classifieds sections will expire in 60 days. Please close your threads to help keep this area tidy.

    [8]Off topic comments are prohibited in this area. Only reply to threads here if you have a question about an item for sale. While we greatly appreciate everyone having an opinion and feedback on equipment in our industry, sales threads are not the place for discussions. Thanks for the cooperation.

    [9]We require you post a picture that includes a note stating the date and your user name pictured next to your items for sale. This is for item in hand verification.

    [10]We strongly advise you only purchase items from users who provide the above proof.

    [11] Do not send money by Western Union, MoneyGram or any untraceable payment methods (cash, gift cards, etc.) If someone requests payment by one of these methods please contact a staff member immediately

    [12]Paypal, Google Check Out, ProPay, Bank Wire Transfer (ACH), COD, or meeting in person if possible are much safer. Always be careful sending money to someone you don't know over the Internet. You local bank or Credit Union can assist you in many cases.

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