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Thread: Where do you get your clear Pyrex tubing?

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    Default Where do you get your clear Pyrex tubing?

    Im new to lampworking. I have a torch setup and have made some projects, but the 10ft of. 7/8 extra heavy wall boro tubing ive been using is running low.

    I went back to mountain glass and they are out of everything from 7/8 (22.x mm) up to the larger 25mm stuff most people use. Both in heavy and extra heavy.

    Ive been using pyrex because its cheaper than the higher end stuff but still decent to learn on. Ive heard the chinese stuff isnt good to practice on because though its cheap, it may have flaws that make it hard to learn because i wont know if im doing something genuinely wrong or if its just a crappy batch of glass.

    The Simax and Schott options are a LITTLE better as far as inventory but still slim pickins.

    I am just having a hard time paying more than double the cost of pyrex for stuff im likely just going to toss. I have no use for dozens of janky clear (often cracked) hand pipes and i doubt anyone else wants them lol.

    So my question is if anyone knows of another supplier of pyrex tubing that has reasonable pricing at least close to mountain glass? The few other sites i checked were way too expensive. Like more than the simax and and Schott on mountain glass or they were very unclear about how much glass you were getting per unit.

    If not, ill just have to make the decision to just deal with cheap chinese glass or bite the bullet and get something higher end or possibly get a little of both. If i get the chinese stuff, ill probably just get a full case for the discount.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Where do you get your clear Pyrex tubing?

    Chinese clear has it's place on the beginners bench! The glass may be shockey and not suited to more elaborate work but if you can learn to make basic handpipes and pendants out of it without issue you will be ready for any clear in my opinion. I have recently switched back to chinese clear for a 1k fumespoon project. I am reapplying myself to as many of the original 'lessons' as possible. Pulling points, fuming, shaping, and just repeating something consistently. To me this chinese clear is like a notebook of scratch paper for me to experiment on.

    I get all of my Simax tube at They have free shipping at the moment!
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    Default Re: Where do you get your clear Pyrex tubing?

    🐋 whale apparatus in eastern p.a. they carry Pyrex.

    ABR imagery in Indiana , is the biggest other than mountain glass, they run deals a lot so it's worth watching what's on sale.

    Ust is outside philly. I think they carry it all.

    Fredrick and dimmock in n.j. import most of the simax into the country. They sell by the case, or half case if you ask nice.

    Not sure where boro art supply is. D and L supply , I know I'm forgetting a few...

    I would start with whale if it's Pyrex your specifically after

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